Scheduling Conflict

I realize not everyone watches the Superbowl, but seems like an unnatural amount of online games also have something going on this weekend. That I know about from the emails I’ve gotten in the last 24 hours:

Rift Beta
Rift’s load testing event
LoTRO’s Anniversary coins dropping
STO’s Anniversary event
CoX’s Issue 19 + 7th Anniversary event
DDO’s Event Preview
Plus a few beta events for a few MMORPGs still under NDAs.

I miss any? Pass the chips.

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7 thoughts on “Scheduling Conflict”

  1. It also clashes with me getting Legendary Cartographer – although that only really needed me there, and I don’t watch the superbowl anyway. So ner!

  2. It’s not that big a deal as the Superbowl is only a few hours on Sunday while the game events are all weekend. Although I already got my celestial rabbit minipet, so it’s just farming party points for friends for me. The Canthan New Year’s finale will be happening on Sunday, but I can catch the 6pm EST one before the game and afk the 9pm EST one.

  3. When I was out the other day some stranger started talking to me about the Superbowl. I had to ask, “When is it?” They gave me a funny look and it got awkward.

  4. Lots of starcraft 2 tournaments going this weekend too. Tho there’s starcraft 2 tournaments every day :).

  5. Pretty safe to say that not many folks where I live will have any scheduling issues with the Superbowl. For a while in the 80s it looked like (American) Football might get a foothold over here, but that seems like another world now.

    I loved the 80s but some weird stuff did happen – we were even all into Sumo for a while…

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