Aperture Science

As in many digital places, in Paragon City, you click on doors to go through them. City of Heroes has an unusual mechanic in that it is [click to open the door and walk through it] rather than [click to open the door] and [walk through the open door]. Okay, quarter-second saved per door by combining the two, yay? Well, no: you cannot do just the second half, so if the door is open, you usually must wait for it to close so you can [click to open the door and walk through it] rather than just [walk through the open door].

This becomes notable in task forces and other full-team affairs when everyone needs to go through the same door, particularly if the door open/close animation is long. With the addition of the Weekly Strike Target, this compounds as multiple groups might be using that door. The Statesman Task Force has three missions using the same submarine door. There is a constant traffic jam around that little circle.

: Zubon

5 thoughts on “Aperture Science”

  1. Now can you think of the confusion should one click on an open door and another click closes it…. 50 people spamming the the door trying to open it… opening and closing :P

    Now im not sure what game you are talking about (Paragon city makes me think CoH?)

    but why not just remove the door and save on maintenance

  2. That was a very poorly thought out mechanic really! It may seem rather crude, but you can’t go too far wrong with the standard “portal” ala Guild Wars (apart from accidently walking through when you’re cartographering) – the same that is used in Aion. Or the style they use in DC Universe Online where you stand next to the portal and hold a button to pass through.

    They aren’t terribly realistic, but at least they’re practical.

  3. Sounds poorly implemented. Makes more sense to click the open void once the first person opens it and the door visually stays open as long as people are clicking through.

  4. Ya, sounds like one person tested it, alone, figured it worked and never considered that every person following them would have to do the same.

    Easily forgivable initially, but if not fixed, endlessly annoying.

  5. Does this happen everywhere?

    I regularly duo CoH with my wife, and we NEVER need to wait for a door to reset back for the next person to go in. The hotspot sometimes changes (sometimes you have to click on the opened submarine hatch rather than the black void) but I haven’t run into this particular quirk…

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