[GW2] NCSoft 4Q Conference Call and Release Date Speculation

In the midst of the Guild Wars 2 human week, many fans are experiencing some other very real human emotions. Thanks to GigaShadow, the contents of the NCSoft 4Q 2010 Conference Call have been picked for any Guild Wars 2 information. It seems that Guild Wars 2 (and Blade and Soul) are objectively set to finish development by the end of 2011. However, NCSoft is ready to put both games at a later launch to make sure they are able to fully react to the very subjective open and closed beta feedback.

This is not to say that a 2011 release for Guild Wars 2 (and Blade and Soul) will not happen because NCSoft says they have scenarios already planned for such a release. However, they warn shareholders that 2011 revenue might not be impacted by the games. This, of course, explains why ArenaNet has refused to say Guild Wars 2 will launch in 2011 because they aren’t even 100% sure.

I think this is bittersweet. Of course I want Guild Wars 2 now now now, but I also want it to be a mindblowing game. In a recent Rift interview, Trion Worlds said that the game is on such a stable base that the devs are actually able to work on requested game improvements that are received through beta feedback rather than trying to plow through work that should have been done before beta. I hope that this is where Guild Wars 2 will be when they start the beta process.


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  1. Huh… I know what you mean about bittersweet. I’ve always said I expected it to be Q3, but I realised that was a little optimistic last week when I noticed they still had 3 more professions to reveal, guild and alliance information to release, lots of PvP stuff to go, crafting stuff etc etc etc.

    I’m also in the “now now now” camp, but I must supress that little 12 year old in me and allow the 23year old to remind him that he is an adult and if he wants the game to be good then he’ll just have to damn well wait for it.

    Still… gives me chance to finish off those final few titles. Lots of drinking ahead of me…

  2. I’m all for them taking their time and getting something pretty solid ready. Good thing we get to check it out again at Pax East, but back on the point. A stable game when going into beta testing is really ideal. Trion has indeed benefited a lot from it. They had the ability to make changes quickly, play with mechanics and really absorb the feedback to produce a better game that already rock solid and along the way getting kudo points from everyone because of the quick changes, communication and smooth game.

  3. As long as they take their time and make it good. I’m happy. Much better to have it release after a lot of testing and polishing rather than an unstable thing that needs lots of updates and bug fixes. That being said… release it now!!

  4. I expected this, back when someone here at KillTenRats said “Oh 2011 is the MMO year! SWTOR and GW2 and many more!” We don’t need a “Year of the MMO”; we just need good games, whenever.

    Like I said then, it’ll be better for all of these companies to take as long as they financially can before releasing their product.

    In this post WoW world, everything coming out of the gate is held to a higher standard of polish than anything prior, just because the Elephant in the Room has had several years to polish itself, and now most gamers exposed to that tend to expect that same polish instantly from the word “go” with everything else.

  5. While I certainly want ANet to take as long as they feel they need to polish Guild Wars 2 up to a mirror-worthy shine, I am finding it difficult to wholeheartedly commit to other games in the interim because if I am honest with myself, GW2 is all I am really looking forward to.

    Oh, sure, I’ll buy and play other games, even other MMOs, but always with one eye on the door.

  6. At least they’ve confirmed a closed beta in 2011 so even if it does end up releasing in 2012 I would imagine it would be a Q1 release.

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