Sweet Mother of Patch Notes!

Lord of the Rings, on test. Notables:

  • The radiance system has been removed from the game.
  • 3 class updates
  • Legendary Item update, including reducing relic tiers, making all IXP runes work on all LIs, and having deconstructed LIs yield legacy scrolls so that you can combine across LIs to build the one you really want.
  • Moria epic chain update for a post-Moria world (not the official title)
  • Volume III, Book 3
  • 5 new instances, 1 new raid

: Zubon

15 thoughts on “Sweet Mother of Patch Notes!”

  1. A stunning patch, truly. That they are finally giving the LI change they promised in the original description of LIs is phenominal.

    If it wasn’t for the 2 new legacies for minis (not changed ones, completely new), it’d be a perfect patch. The last thing I wanted was 2 more legacies to compete for my already overly full needs.

  2. Can someone decrypt for me the ‘crafting’ part?

    I’m unable to understand if they want to link craft advancement to character level or make the opposite easier. (right now, as long as someone high-level helps you with the quests, you can reach the top of crafting while being level 10, which I actually like and I’m abusing, but I can see it to be a problem).

    1. it’s de-linking crafting from the quests that required you to go out and kill high(er) level mobs to advance; usually from Expert to Artisan.

      so no more having to go deep into the Trollshaws, past the elite drakes and giants, to find the one giant boar you need to kill to open up Artisan Tailor, for example.

      so it will be *easier* to advance to maximum crafting ability with a low-level char now; you’ll only have to do simple gating quests (ie: ‘go to esteldin and discover the superioer wookbenches there), rather than find high levle friends to help you kill a mob for an advancement quest.

  3. Wow that is quite an ambitious patch that tackles tw
    o of the biggest grinds in the game.

    It sounds like it will be a lot easier to build a good legendary weapon in the future. Does this mean that we wont be happy until we grind out the”perfect” legendary?

  4. “The Prized Inn League Steed will no longer magically cure your drunkenness”

    The magic horse of sobriety got nerfed :(

    1. I was more thinking that the F2P money is finally translating into content. This seems like about how long it should take to switch models, get the revenue spike, hire, train, develop, go through internal testing…

      1. That’s where I’d put my money, if I were a betting man. The first F2P patch was pretty good, but fairly content light, tuning two classes for better or worse but not much else. This one…wowsa.

        If you look at how Turbine handled DDO post F2P, this is what they did, and is why I didn’t panic as much as some.

        That said, if they aren’t worried about Rift hitting them at least a little bit, they are madder than a bucket of hamsters. Chances of this launching say, March 1st? Bets on the table!

  5. So who out there said that F2P would kill the amount of updates and that all updates would go to cash-shop items? Hmm?

  6. Now we just gotta cut down long induction times, shorten travel all across the board, cut down the number of silly fedex quests, make combat less spastic and make it flow better, whack the store prices with a common sense bat, move housing to a place where it actually means a damn, fix the occasional instance bug from 4+ years ago still there, redo the abysmal game launcher, go over the AH UI, allow multiple item mailing, get rid of superior facilities for crafting, make monster play not a complete afterthought and make virtues less microscopically incremental and more worthy to go for.

    I’d say another 3 years.

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