It’s Not You, It’s Me

City of Heroes is great as ever, and for those of you who like advancing one character rather than pursuing CoX’s altoholism, they have started adding alternative advancement. There is lots to do, and if you are an Achiever, the sky is the limit.

My problem is that I am an Explorer, and City of Heroes pre-dates World of Warcraft. “Been there, done that.” There are some things I have not tried, but the gameplay rarely differs all that much. It was good to come back after about a year off, but I do not have that drive to play. If my old group of friends were still there, I would enjoy the companionship amidst a familiar environment, but random people are insufficiently exciting even if I do remember some of them from back in the day. Maybe if the server were really hopping, and I could instantly get a group for anything, but that would likely mean lots of interest while I am in-game without the drive to log in.

But seriously, if you have not played, it is always a good time. Or to visit again. If you want one of those “15 days free with subscription/re-subscription” codes, I can have them send you one (or any current player can).

: Zubon

3 thoughts on “It’s Not You, It’s Me”

  1. I remember going back all excited when they offered a free weekend not too long ago after Going Rogue, wanted to see the new graphics in action but they were all mangly and nasty with my video card for some reason. Had to turn everything down.

    That kinda put a damper in things.

  2. Tragic fallout of the MMOs as hobbies instead of games. Even when the sub is not a consideration… there are many forms of investment.

  3. I think about half a dozen of my old group of people I used to play with have returned, plus that we joined forces with another group of nice people – so game time is pretty good in that regard. It certainly makes a difference.

    The servers I play on are certainly more busy than in a long time and it has renewed my interest in playing my old max level characters. I am still alt:ing, but most of the time it is with one of the 50s.

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