I am not playing RIFT…

…until the official launch.  I’ve done my due diligence.  Well, as much as time would allow while I try to shed a few pounds off my carcass.  I’ve played at least 7 different builds to level 8.  Two to 10.  And one to 15.  I love how smooth, playable and re-playable the game is at the lower levels.

During that time, I’ve evaluated my play style.  As long as I can remember, a game hasn’t made me consider and reconsider how I want to play at launch like RIFT has.  While I’ve come back around to my old standard of ranged DPS, it’s been fun getting a brief look at the mechanics of the other three class groups of souls.

I’ve been tired of the classic PvE questing that has become the staple of any modern MMO.  I understand why it’s there.  And like many developers and players…I still don’t like it.  But it has become a necessary evil.

But Rift gives us an opportunity to bypass the normalcy of PvE questing with Rifts and invasions.  I’ve seen great progress made in the game with this dynamic content.  So much so, I’m going to spend much of my time closing RIFTS and fighting invasions when they pop up in Telera.

I’m also going to dabble in PvP.  As I’ve aged like moldy cheese, I’m finding more and more that I like the realm of PvP in most games.  I’m not sure the reward systems or even the point of PvP are all that well developed in RIFT.  So I can live without it, too.

The main reasons I’m excited about the game and why I plan to play after beta have nothing to really do with sitting down and playing.  They have to do with:

1.  Great communication regarding development.
2.  Excellent attention to player feedback.
3.  Using beta for what it has been intended – making the game better.

But now I want to save that excitement and enthusiasm and energy for launch…or more specifically…the head start…which begins February 24…reportedly.

7 thoughts on “I am not playing RIFT…”

  1. hmm change 2. To listening to the QQers and 3. To making the game easier.

    Rift of beta 2 and even 3 was a far superior game than the present offering.

    Still if people enjoy it and stay then fair enough but I think they have made rifts boring and too easily defeated.

  2. Indeed! I was going to use this beta to play around with different classes and soul combinations to work out which I want to play as a “main” when live hits. But then I thought – why? I can pick a class, level it a bit, and do the playing around when it goes live. I’m not in any hurry and I know I want to play the game so, yeah. I’m not a big fan of betas, I like to keep content relatively fresh and fun, so now I’ll wait. And keep my eye on the developing news and changes.

    I am impressed by the attention to player feedback from the developers and the interaction involved. Looks to be a decent game.

  3. I’m logging in to Fippy Darkpaw right now to make a character there. Probably going to be spending more time on that, DCUO and EQ2’s pre-Velious weekend events than Rift.

    Until the 24th, that is :)

  4. I think the problem for me is that the rifts are separate happenings and not a true game feature. It will be very easy grow bored of rifts and invasions and just not participate, in the same way a person may simply bypass certain quests.

    When you take out what I understand to be the signature of this MMO, what do you have? A great running, generic MMO?

    I like it so far and I need to play it a lot more to make further opinions, but that’s just one of a few pessimistic views I have, right now.

  5. As far as PvP is concerned, it’s been the main point behind Rift from the get go. They’ve added the PvE server rolls with warfronts to broaden their audience base. Smart move. Souls are balanced and counter each other FOR PvP.


    Don’t believe me. There’s the pudding right there, with footnotes and all.

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