Evade Not Block

I promised to have some comments about Batman: Arkham Asylum, but I find that Zero Punctuation covers everything I would want to say. Great fun, I should try more stealth-based games since I also enjoyed the alien in Alien vs. Predator.

I never especially got the hang of the combat. This stems from a tendency that applies to other games and metaphorically to real life: I do not tank. I will always always always choose evading over blocking. I use ranged attacks, I kite, I play high Dexterity characters, I CC, I do not take an axe to the face if I can at all help it. This is probably just misplaced meatspace instincts, but my immediate reaction to a troll is to dodge the club rather than parrying it with my hobbit’s dagger.

In some games, this provides a real benefit. Attacks will have secondary effects, so evading attacks also evades debuffs. Other games let blocks or parries also stop the debuff component, whether or not that makes any sense. Some games have shields/armor reduce damage rather than deflect attacks, which means you get the debuff. And did I mention the 100-stone troll with a similarly huge axe planting it in your skull? That could ruin your whole day.

In many games, the proper move is “block and counter.” My plan is closer to “dive and shoot from behind cover.”

: Zubon

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  1. I am much the same, ranger in both Aion and Guild Wars – hand blaster in DC Universe Online. But in Arkham Asylum I found that I could attack and then swoop off into the darkness again so fast that I could indulge my sneaky backstabbing nature to my hearts content.

  2. I dodge, weave, kite, avoid and flank.. but when the opening presents itself I’ll go for the jugular. Unfortunately very few games provide opportunities for these kinds of attacks. Tekken is one of the few that does: Both Yoshimitsu, Bryan & Heihachi can all go from “He can’t hurt me from this distance” to “Oh God get him off me!” in a heartbeat. In RTS games I’m the guy who keeps building the base until the forces are ready for an all-out attack.

  3. I loved Arkham Asylum but I got blocked at the penultimate battle. I had managed to sneaky my way through almost every fight up to then but that fight absolutely needs you to duke it out with finger straining combo dealing dexterity which I sadly don’t possess.

  4. This is the norm for me as well, LOTRO’s captain is the only exception that I’ve loved playing.

  5. Sometimes, you just have to stop being a great big cowardly baby and crush your fists into some troll’s face.

    Now, you go do that, and I’ll cast Arcane Blast from way over here.

  6. Try Splinter Cell: Conviction for a modern and exciting “stealth-shooter” and my personal favourites – the Thief series from way back, particularly 1 and 2; they are based on stealth with optional shooting, but beware: they are scary as heck.

  7. *laughs* I can sympathise with that, Roger. And also with Hirvox’ MMO strategy.

    I’m all about strategic control: my MMO strategy is to grab as much income as I can, and – more importantly – deny my opponent access to that income, while I prepare for application of overwhelming force.

    In first person games I prefer nukers (eg GW fire elementalist), though any offensive backline class will work (my other GW favourites are spirit-spam rit and paragon. Though I also rather like direct tanking (eg AoE warrior). I’m probably the exact opposite to Zubon – anything involving speed and finesse is right out :)

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