[GW2] Preparing for Norn Week

I’ve been officially told, norn week starts next week (with norn-sized versions of the tasty snacks human week brought us), and that gives us all plenty of time to get prepared this weekend. These shape shifting half-giants want to live life to the fullest. Their goal in life is to live eternally in legend. A skaald telling tales of a norn’s life is one of the highest pinnacles of achievement for anybody. At least that’s what the norn think. Their tale is an interesting one. Are they fallen kodan or half-human? Are their totem spirits splinters of the same gods the human’s worship? Does it matter? They are norn. And that’s that.

Still, over this weekend, we can prep for the Viking-like Guild Wars 2 race. Here’s a list of movies to get started. Feel free to add your own movies, music, books, or games in the comments below.

Troy – while this movie has little do with Viking, the entire movie is based on the need for a hero to create a legend to the point of disaster. This might be a starting point for many norn characters, a great hero without a legend.

13th Warrior – keeps up the legend vibe of Troy, but it also has the much needed Viking vibe. Replace the Wendol with the icebrood, and Antonio with an asura, and it’s nearly Guild Wars 2 – Norn movie.

How to Train Your Dragon – mostly a kid’s movie, but their humorous take on stubborn, heroic Vikings can’t be beat. The Viking in the opening scenes picking his teeth while dragons attack all around him makes me think of the norn every time.

Erik the Viking – norn life is one of hardship and tragedy, and that’s why norn make such light of it. For every tear there is a joke. For every blood-stained burial there is a beer-stained party. For every Beowulf, there is an Erik.

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  1. Can’t wait to read some information on other races. I want to see if/how the Kodan play a part with the Norn and wondering if the solo nature of the Norn will be something we will have to contend with in their personal stories.

  2. If I was going to suggest something Viking based, I think it would be hard for me to beat Vinland Saga.

    It’s a manga, but… well, it’s MANLY. This is the kind of Japanese comic that Norn would read, if they knew Japanese.

    There is one giant (The human sort, not mythological) in there named Thorkell who dual wields axes and could only be more Norn if he changed into a bear.

    As a bonus, the series is (very loosely) based on actual history. Many of the names in the series are historical figures.

    1. Cool, I’ll have to check it out. I know that a lot of manga/anime has a lot of roots in Norse mythology, but I am not that familiar enough to suggest it.

  3. I’d drop #1 (seen it, it sucks) for the book “The War That Killed Achilles,” by Caroline Alexander. Alexander is a Homer scholar, but writes like a popular author. And she does something the film wouldn’t have dared: exploring why, to modern western readers, Hector is indisputably the most sympathetic character in the Iliad, and at the same time rehabilitating Achilles.

    I loathed Achilles before I read this book. I thought of him the way a human would think of a Norn: a hero creating a holocaust for the sake of his own legend.

    Now I rather like the man, even though I still wish Hector had killed him.

    1. This is the reason I cannot join GoodReads. Now I will have to buy and read this book this weekend. Thanks, Patrick. Thanks a lot.


  4. I really enjoyed Outlander, though the main character (who I liked the most) isn’t a Viking; it’s a spaceman & vikings vs aliens movie.

    While I’m very interested in the lore side, I’m really hoping to see some non-traditionally shaped norn males; they’re still in contention for my main’s race, but my main is always a clothes-horse so I’d only consider a norn rather more pin-up than keg-aficionado…

    1. Yeah I have to agree with Vulturion, Outlander is one of my favorite recent movies. The first time I saw it I kept thinking this is like a Norn village being attacked by a Destroyer beast from Guil Wars.

  5. the movie “pathfinder” was a great find in the bargain bin. it starts out with, “600 years before columbus, north america was invaded by ruthless marauders intent on settling its shores. something stopped them.”

    what follows is a pretty decent viking versus native american action flick. eomer is the hero, clancy brown the villian, and moon bloodgod is the love interest.

  6. Valhalla Rising is a good one if you want brutal Viking slaughter with a dash of mystery. Be warned that it’s an “experimental” film with limited dialog, but who needs dialog when you have slaughter?

  7. You should totally watch the 11th or 13h warrior.. W/e its called, but its with Antonio Bandera, and its got some sweet, intense viking brutality xD I would definitely reccomend it to ‘ya

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