[GW2] Necromancer: The Gambler

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The necromancer in Guild Wars has a handful of iconic builds, those that rise like cream. The necromancer is a lord of hexes and conditions, yet arguably it’s heart, it’s purpose is to be a minion master. The minion master’s purpose is to quickly convert bodies into undead slaves as quickly as possible. Unlike a pet oriented class, such as Guild Wars ranger or the pitiful necromancers in other MMOs, the minion master cares not about a single creature it creates. It sends them on their way in to the meat grinder hoping their death even brings destruction.

After 250 years, the necromancer profession has changed and evolved. Legend says it was a sylvari that asked the simplest question of all, which would change the minion master forever: “Why do we need bodies?”

In ages past, the necromancer required fresh bodies lying on the ground so that its vile magics could be used to reform and refuse flesh and bone into a living weapon. Yet the skill forced the necromancer to recharge for a time, and during that time the minion would rapidly deteriorate.

The Guild Wars 2 necromancer has learned to manipulate and harness the power of death with far more expertise than it’s predecessor. The first change came from the necromancer’s acceptance that the world had experienced death for eons. It was everywhere. As sure as the sun would rise, something had died on the ground the necromancer was standing on. Minions could be summoned from this everpresent power rather than relying on fresh kills. The second change was that minions no longer decayed. They were not able to regenerate health either, like a living thing, but at least gobs of flesh were not falling off from the start.

Yet, what were believed to be advancements beyond came at a cost. This additional control over death required more focus. No longer could a necromancer summon minion after minion. Now the skill had to be kept in matrix until the minion passed. The necromancer cheated this by modifying the skill to change if a minion was active. For example, after a necromancer used Summon Blood Fiend, that skill would change to Taste of Death. The necromancer could not summon any more blood fiends until the one she had summoned died.

This presents a fundamental change for the minion master necromancer. The very passive role of spamming as many minions as there were corpses available has been brought a little closer to a more active, or at least aware, role. Going back to the blood fiend, if the blood fiend stands at 20% health during the downtime, a skilled necromancer would quickly kill off that blood fiend and summon a fresh one before combat starts again. A necromancer using Bone Minions has to be even more careful because that one skill can control 3-5 bone minions. If 3 of the 5 minions are down, should the necromancer explode the two remaining to start clean? It’s going to become a tricky balance each minion master necromancer is going to have to ingest to decide how far to push the minions before deciding to reset.

know when to hold ’em

7 thoughts on “[GW2] Necromancer: The Gambler”

  1. Using “ingest” while speaking of necromancers, eh? Coincidental irony in word choice? Kinda makes me want to throw up.

    Also, this change needed to happen if the necromancer were to become more soloable AND diverse.

  2. Nice article Ravious, I’ve never considered that the change to the way the MM will work relies on an acceptance of some fundamental fact. It is lore-pie for my hungry belly.

    Looking forward to Norn week – can’t wait for it to get started!

  3. Really looking forward to PAX East. Wont be able to attend personally, but the” new” demo should be fascinating,particularly if Norn are playable.

  4. nice article but bare in mind that these aren’t all the minions that will be in GW2. Anet did say they havent revealed all the minion types as of yet

  5. I’m excited about the GW2 necro. Admittedly, I wasn’t at first and I’m still not 100% sold on the death shroud, but I think it will remain a versatile profession, and that’s why I enjoyed playing it in the first place.

    I was sad when the minion cap was introduced and when minion bombing really took off. I really liked having an enormous army following me around all the time. I think I would like minion bombing better if I could do it half as efficiently as the heroes do. I do appreciate being more of an active MM in GW2 and I’m eager to learn about the other minions that are available.

  6. This new tactical advantage for the Necromancer makes me want to create one. I think that a lot of thought has gone into the Necromancer to make it perfect. It should be a fun class to play and I can’t wait to see the other minions, skills etc.

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