A Conundrum of Commitment

My wife says I lack speeds between 0 and 60.

If Rift offered a lifetime subscription plan, I would most likely take it. If it used a carnival model, so I would not need to pay to revisit characters after a break, I would most likely be there. The monthly subscription model instead puts me in the unfortunate place of having repeated psychic costs every unit time, along with the feeling that I need to “get my money’s worth” (which should take all of one night, relative to other entertainment costs) and the game structures that make it difficult to meaningfully play more than one at once. MMOs tend to promote serial monogamy over polygamy, so if I have one, moving to a new one is a lot like abandoning the old. You can revisit your exes, but again, psychic costs.

I am interested, and it looks high quality, but I am not over the cost of switching and starting over. Guild Wars 2, however, seems like a gimme, what with box cost only.

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  1. It’s not just you. I spent a bit of time with Rift, and had pretty much the same thought: If there’s a lifetime, I’ll grab that so that it’s always there on the backburner. I did that with STO and still regret not going that route with LotRO. Que Sera, Sera. But as for Rift? Meh on a monthly sub.

  2. That is what makes guild wars so awesome in my opinion…. if you are bored you take a week/month break and its not costing you money… When i played EVE online you kinda feel forced to keep the sub going to not lose skill training… you will have people logging on only to do a skill change…. WoW i stopped playing as i coulnt keep up with the monthly sub… this doesnt make my Guild Wars a go-to-game when times are tough… its just great knowing that Guild Wars will always be there with you… Now Guild Wars 2 is coming.. looking like its the best thing since EVER and no sub! :D <– Happy Panda

  3. I think if GW2 is a gimme for you then it makes sense to pass on Rift. I’m the other way round – I’ll happily pass on everything from now till SWTOR while I immerse myself in Rift (although Eve skill queueing never stops).

  4. I feel similar about DCUO – I don’t like the pressure of the P2P system. I don’t want to come home and think “I haven’t played that in a bit, I don’t really want to – but I’ve paid for this month, so I probably should”.

    I’ll join in with everyone else and say – GW2 – yes please.

  5. True story. With the F2P/buy once options that abound in both quantity and quality nowadays, I had resolved that I wasn’t ever going to buy and play a subscription-based game anymore.

    Then along came Rift.

    Now I’m pre-ordered and hooked up to the 6-month Founder’s pricing.

  6. I have a job that doesn’t pay much over minimum wage and I don’t even work full-time. I took the 6-month sub on Rift.

    To earn, after tax, the monthly cost of that sub will take me less than an hour per month. I would expect to play Rift for more than one hundred hours a month. If I do, it’s an amazingly cheap form of entertainment. If not, it’s a trivial sum to have lost.

    At such a trivial cost, it hardly seems rational not at least to give it a try.

  7. I used to think the same way, but then I realised that subscription MMOs were like all-you-can-eat buffets, if you eat/play pass a certain point, it will be detrimental to your health.

    So long as i play more than 3 hours a month ( which i would have used to watch 2 movies or otherwise buy a new game), I think I get my money’s worth out of the monthly sub.

    So let’s say we sleep 8 hours a day, work 8 hours a day(incl weekends) and are left with 240 hours a day in a typical month. That would still come to only 1.25% of your free time used for a subscription mmo.

  8. Honestly, I prefer pure subscription games to no-cover-charge*/item-shop** games for the same reason I prefer watching television on a DVR (or just downloading a torrent) – I can just kick back and enjoy the content without having to put up with the commercials every five minutes: “You can do this quest/enter this zone/get this item/raise that stat in less than geological time for a mere…!”

    * A term I prefer to the misleading “free to play”

    ** To cover the various double-dipping models like EQ2, STO, CO (at launch), CoX, and GW2 that charge you a cover to get in the door *and* try to get you to spend a lot in the item shop.

    1. Oi, I’ll defend CoX on that one. Last time I looked, it would cost less than $100 to buy every single thing in the item shop, and they are primarily cosmetic options packaged with one functional toy.

      1. Granted, and CoX is by far the least-offensive version of this I’ve seen, especially since they don’t spam you with ads for the bonus packs in-game. Hell, I don’t think you can even buy them from within the game’s interface, can you? If more games followed their approach to the cover charge + item shop model I’d find it less bothersome.

  9. My days of being able to park myself in front of an MMO for hours on end are long gone, so I know exactly how you feel. I’m with Zaeni on this one, in feeling that you have to know both ends of the limit spectrum.

    Play too much, and it runs the risk of bleeding over into other aspects of your life. Play too little, and you might as well not subscribe at all. This is one of the reasons why I like the Crew Skills in SWTOR, as they’ve been described so far. There’s a certain amount of the game, crafting or missions for your companions for example, that can take place without you being logged in. That was always something I liked about EVE also.

    EVE is great too in that you can purchase game time (PLEX) using in-game currency (ISK). As long as you were generating enough money to do so, you could continue to play the game without actually paying a subscription fee. Regardless though, unless the game is actually enjoyable, there’s absolutely no reason to continue to play it if it has a recurring subscription. This is definitely an attractive selling point for GW2…

  10. Yeah.. I have bought Rift, and I’ll probably grab a 3 month plan if I want to play after the first month, but I’m not as excited for it as I am for Guild Wars 2, despite it being just around the corner, and that isn’t even considering monthly fees. I am hugely considering getting the full Guild Wars pack once I get bored of Rift, as I haven’t really played the original Guild Wars, so that would be nice, especially considering the lack of monthly fees.

  11. Alternatively it’s perfectly possible to play Rift until GW2 hits (whenever that is, if the universe doesn’t turn into lead by that point) and then just get GW2 with their convenient “pay now and fuggedaboutit” scheme.

    At that point Rift would have at least a year on. Plenty of time to iron kinks out (and add new ones) so you can make a more informed decision. Move to GW2 or keep both, if they merit it.

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