Guild Wars Guru 2011 GvG Championship Series

This is pretty amazing, but Guild Wars Guru is setting up a Guild Wars GvG (Guild vs. Guild) Championship Series complete with divisions and prizes in each division. Given that we are nearing the 6 year mark for Guild Wars, and Guild Wars 2 is going in to player testing this year, I am just amazed at some of the things the Guild Wars PvP community is still doing. For another example, every month now the GvG Monthly Automated Tournament (MAT) is casted. Replays are available for awhile in game, but many times it is hard to understand what is going on, especially if the viewer is not familiar with the current meta. Anyway, Guru has a wide range of divisions, including one for casual players unfamiliar with GvG. The prizes include some pretty good stuff (video cards, headsets, etc.), and I hope that there will be some really good competition coming from this tournament.


One thought on “Guild Wars Guru 2011 GvG Championship Series”

  1. Wow – I didn’t realise the prizes were that awesome. Maybe I should think about getting involved, my only experience of GvG play is about 4 years ago my guild jumped into a game and got our asses handed to us.

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