Dailies and Deeds

If you have played LotRO past the introductory instances, you are familiar with the slayer deeds (achievements). Defeat 30 wolves in The Shire to get a title; great, I will fight at least 30 while questing. Completing each unlocks an advanced version to defeat twice as many. Normal questing will probably get you somewhere in the 45 to 60 range, so you can grind a bit to complete the advanced deed and get your virtue point, maybe come back in 5-10 levels when you can farm very quickly. Then you get closer to the original endgame and the basic slayer deed is to kill 120 of something. Holy crap, kill 360 wights in Angmar, really?

The addition of skirmishes and (more) daily quests has helped this feel less grindy. Sure, I need to defeat 300+ wolves in Enedwaith, but there is a pair of daily quests that gets me at least 10, and I use those dailies to get rep, IXP, and barter items. I might be less cavalier about that prospect because my main is a Hunter, so I can casually zip around to a dozen hubs in a day, but there is a built-in way to spread out the grind and get more reward from it. It also makes those wood trolls in Enedwaith look really painful to grind, but maybe I have not found the deed for them. Skirmishes are much the same: daily reward, and those wolves in The Shire practically come to you.

: Zubon

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