[Rift] A Faeblight We Will Own

Blogger compatriot and Rift guildie, Moxie, over at her blog Battle Priestess has posted our guild’s 22 week server event list. The great thing about these events is that they are inclusive to our whole Rift server, Faeblight. Granted the first couple of weeks are going to be a tad more Guardian oriented due to their location, but once we hit contested zones and invade the dirty-heathen Defiant zones, it will be a server wide event. All are welcome to join in the fun.

The Gaiscioch Family is not new to these community-organized events having been instrumental in keeping a Warhammer Online server alive with a very popular Battle for Badlands event. They have been doing these awesome events since Dark Age of Camelot. I am also excited to see how the automatic system and Rift GMs will respond to such a focused server event. We know that Rift GMs have the ability to call down the in-game Events themselves, and I hope they do so during the community-driven events.

Good luck to all those starting today with the Rift early access. If you are still looking for a server, Faeblight is going to be a happening place on both sides.

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19 thoughts on “[Rift] A Faeblight We Will Own”

  1. I didn’t realize that was you guys! That plan really made me want to roll a character there. It’s nice to see some people stepping up to make Faeblight the kind of server they want it to be.

    Are the other FB bloggers also in Gaiscioch?

    1. Many are, I believe. I know SynCaine made a post for his Inq guild for a PvP server. And I think PASmith is going somewhere else too, but there are quite a few bloggers heading in to Gaiscioch.

  2. Pious filth, you shall meet your doom soon enough.
    Faeblight it is, then.

    Long live the Defiant!

  3. My guild also made the decision to go to Faeblight…from a maturity point of view it seems to have a lot going for it. Hope it ends up being as good as we hope it will be.

    One of those dirt heathens who will crush your zealot skull.

  4. Mrs Bhagpuss and I are heading for Faeblight, although we rarely manage to restrain ourselves to just the one server.

  5. OMG no wonder we can’t get on FB. Stop spamming that server name! LOL I’ve been in the queue to get on with the COW guild for 3.5 hours and counting.

  6. I haven’t started playing yet (no idea if I’ll make it before March 1st) but from what I’ve been reading, between this, the RP guilds organizing and the gamer community over at arstechnica, it seems Faeblight will be bumping.

  7. I got as far as the 300s in the queue for Faeblight, then I lost connection. I ended up rolling a Guardian Cleric on Estrael just to play the game.

  8. I got in right away to reserve my names. Have not been able to get back in since. Playing on a different server to finalize some of my class choices. I’ll be back on Faeblight soon I hope.

      1. Not sure when I’ll get back in, LAN party in my computer room tonight and I’m not invited. Still not in the guild yet either. Hopefully this weekend I can get there.

  9. I know Makkaio is also on Faeblight as a part of Casualties of War. Zubon only Kill Ten Rats author who I don’t know if will be on Faeblight. CoW is Defiant so could have some good Kill Ten Rats battles.

  10. Been running around last night and all day today (except during the couple of updates). Great to see so many Gaiscioch peeps around.

    Just how many are there? Seems everywhere I turn there’s one.

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