Alpha Endurance

For my return to City of Heroes, I took three characters out of mothballs. My old main, a Blaster, is on the list of characters to play. I mentioned taking Leadership on too many characters; she was one to pick up a couple of toggles, and Ice Blasters were always known for dumping their attacks very quickly. She received the endurance-conserving Alpha Slot enhancement. Wow, that solved everything. For non-CoXers, imagine picking up an ability that reduced the mana cost of everything by 15-25%. Combined with the already high endurance recovery, that made the difference, letting her attack more or less continuously forever.

The next options along that chain are damage resistance and range. She has just the one, small damage resistance power, so improving that will not do much, but I am amused at the idea of adding more range to all her attacks. She already has three damage/range Hami-Os in Caltrops, so this will let her “drop” them all the way across a room.

: Zubon

2 thoughts on “Alpha Endurance”

  1. They are definitely pretty handy (and not too hard to get, either). I got the endurance one — Cardiac — for my Fortunata as well; it’s amazing how much difference it makes.

  2. I like going for the ones that I didn’t slot for at all, and yet have a global effect.
    Recharge. Oh, yes. Recharge. It does bad things to my endurance use, but my big hits are popping up fast enough that I can pull the less damaging attacks right out of my chain. Gives me Recharge, Stun Duration (eh) To Hit Buff (yes please) and Health Regen (Oh, look. Inherent Health Power.)

    My SS/Electric Brute? To quote ol’ Jack Burton, “I feel kinda… invincible!”

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