[Rift] Breaking Through

Starting the Event

Last night was the kickoff event for my Rift guild, Gaiscioch. We congregated at the entrance of Silverwood (from the tutorial zone), and rode through Silverwood on to Sanctum to help people pick up the porticulum warps. Along the way we ran over any extraplanar forces. Then we headed to the Defiant side, where we helped stop a water invasion, and then turned on the godless mongrels just outside of Meridian. Being that most of our 150+ person event was below level 25, the soulless guards of Meridian were able to single-handedly wade through the Defiant tombstones and stop our ascent. I had to say I don’t think I have had this much fun in an MMO since my first big RvR event a few years ago.

There were a few problems, mostly dealing with the amount of people present. First, the client ran like a charm. Usually I am between 25-30 fps on ultra+, and I was sitting just below 20 fps last night with all the people. This was due to a hard-coded limit on the amount of actors on the screen. In other words, at any given time I could only see a small fraction of our large group. If I moved my character around some people would disappear from view while others magically appeared. This is okay except that the client prioritized horribly. Most of us could not see any mobs, even if we were standing in the rifts, because the client’s limit on actors was filled. I am sure this will get changed, but right now a good siege on a capital city could be like fighting in the dark. It would be spray and pray with AoEs because of the “invisible” enemies.

The other problem was that the system was not able to give contribution where it was deserved. We stopped an invasion in Silverwood by killing the invasion boss Inhibrius the Intoxicator. I personally dealt nearly 1000 damage to the goatman, but I received no contribution and no achievement. I saw this happen to other people too for achievements like closing a rift in enemy territory. On the plus side, the server seemed to handle our swarm with no problems. I think we tripped a few invasion events, which is good, but overall the server seemed happy to have us balling around.

All in all, it was quite a fun night. I did not advance that much, but the fun I had more than made up for it. These large events are run all through the week, and next week we start our server wide events. The queue on Faeblight seemed to be a lot more manageable last night, and hopefully by next week we won’t see much of one anymore. Hopefully all you Faeblighters can join in!

arms that chained, eyes that lied

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  1. I think the no achievement issue is brand spanking new, as I saw people complain about it last night as well.

  2. Hey Ravious, not that we’re best buddies or anything, but I’m playing as Aethelred on Faeblight/Guardian. I’m in a small guild (LongFangs) that some friends filed mostly formed for the convenience of the chat channel (don’t tell them Rift has custom chat channels…I don’t think they knew when they formed the guild). We’re still not sure it’s going to be a ‘permanent’ Guild or if we’ll look to join something bigger later.

    Anyway, if you feel like adding me to your friends list, I’d welcome the chance to fight shoulder-to-shoulder with you at some point!

    1. Yeah, that’d be great. I usually play as “Ravryn,” and I have “Ravious” locked down for another day.

  3. (First time I had a typo that formed a full word… not sure how “filed” got into that post.)

    Oh, and it seemed to me that rewards were wonky last night, too. Some rifts I felt like I did a lot and got nothing, in others I got a ton of loot and didn’t feel like I’d contributed anything special…weird.

  4. It’s great to hear that the servers were stable, and the experience was a fun one overall!

    That said, I can’t believe there’s a hardcoded limit on how many actors will be rendered by the client. To me that’s totally unacceptable. As you say, hopefully it’ll be fixed in time.

    Suffice to say, I would not be nearly as patient as you are with that problem if I had spent money on the game… :)

  5. OMFG, this is why I am so glad GW 2 will allow server swapping! I’d love to participate in some massive realm stompings like that, Ravious, but I’m already level 24 in Shatterbone :(

    Bah, hopefully we can meet up on another server on some alts and start fresh. :)

  6. I ran in the massive mob last night with my cleric Agmund and found that using dots, instant cast abilites(usually ranged) and moving when i couln’t tab target allowed me to actually get credit for closing rifts, stopping invasions and the related achievments. Oddly my optimal dps rotation netted me no points whatsoever. I think most of the issue is in how the Rifts and events dole out points. I belive i read somewhere that points assigned are based on clicks or inputs to the game vs time and number of enemies affected.

  7. Queue was still too long for me to get in within my free time. I have yet to be able to log in for more than the time it took to save my name. Faeblight does not want me.

    My play style will force me to play on a different server and that is OK. I will live vicariously through your adventures on Faeblight.

  8. son of a … I could have farmed you all last night. I was busy rolling through Deepstrike and Foul Cascade and never heard a peep about this.

    Sounds like you all had fun though.

    Vitrol (Defiant-Faeblight)

    1. I saw them and even fought alongside them clearing a couple of water rifts. . once I turned of my pvp auto-flagging, anyway. I thought I already had that off, but. . . tab target in a rift just as they ran up and am on a player, not a mob and didn’t realize it and. . . . . was dead about 5 seconds later. Was very funny, I thought.

  9. Are you sure it’s a straight limit on actors? I found they popped in noticeably faster when I dropped graphics from ultra+ to medium during crowded events, so it may be trying to maintain a minimum FPS.

  10. Sorry to break it to you but doing 1000 dmg to the boss guy is nothing when an average dps guy is doing 1k a second to him. My lvl 21 dps warrior is doing around 1800-2k dps.

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