[GW2] The Thief Unrung

It appears that megasite GameTrailers did ignore an NDA/embargo on the release of the sixth Guild Wars 2 profession, which I was unaware of when I wrote the thief post here. Out of respect for ArenaNet, and more importantly the people that worked on and were excited about releasing the thief, I am taking down my post until official release. Comments and the post are preserved behind Door #43.

It’s a tough decision between sticking it to the man, information must be free, we know anyway, and respect. I feel better inside taking it down, and I hope no one is offended. I expect that the post with modifications from official news will go back up in a week.



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  1. Was a total surprise but I would prefer hand-ons time at Pax East. I’m sure they knew someone was going to spill the beans. No harm no foul the big lengthy updates and blog posts are what I like most about a class update anyhow.

  2. You know I hate you man ?

    Still, there is one name out of it : Thief :D

  3. yeah better safe than sorry when it comes to respect and Anet deserves ours. No matter what one may think of NCsoft (particularly when it comes to security and handling of security issues), one must respect Anet because they’ve shown us nothing but respect.

  4. Two thumbs down to Game Trailers for releasing that early.

    Two thumbs up to ArenaNet for making sure there will be some HD quality demo game-play footage ready for release at the beginning of PAX East, instead of blurry phone camera footage.

  5. Well, it sure sucks that gametrailers.com leaked this stuff, but truth be told, the infos are out, it will not be possible to suppress either the pure info itself or the video. Whatever makes it into the net stays in the net. The videos already made it to several video portals.

    One has to respect your decision for taking it down, but either way it will be impossible for ANet to get the info out of the nets or even the players heads. Game Over for a thief suprise on PAX East, forever. Would’ve been a really nice surprise.

  6. Ravious, you didn’t leak it, you are not responsible for the leak. So, act like a journalist and not like an arenanet-minion and republish that post. They will survive it and the information can’t be put back into the bottle anyway.

    1. Flex, it’s not about Ravious’ stride as a journalist or being an, “Arenanet-minion.” As I’m sure Ravious would tell you, it’s out of respect for the game and how much time and effort was put into that release, only to have it shattered because a company decided to leak it. Must of us in the blogging community understand we can’t unleak the leak, this isn’t Braid and we can’t just hit shift. But, we can feel better about ourselved by having respect for what Arenanet does, and, in turn, Arenanet will have respect for us. Journalist isn’t synonymous with heartless.

      1. Mod +10.

        Let’s put it this way. If this was “faceless corporation X” that made no effort to reach out to the community ever I wouldn’t care at all. But, it’s not. I’ve talked to ArenaNet CM’s, devs, brass, and I know them as people. So yes, ArenaNet is still a [sneer]corporation[/sneer], but it’s the people that I care about.

        Plus, I even had part of the mechanics wrong because the demo was not best “profession delivery device.” Hopefully once there is an official factsheet/reveal/etc. I can provide better analysis than quick, quick eat this news!

  7. They will probably do a hasty damage control release shortly. I am more interested in alternative makes to the rather vanilla” thief.”

    Trickster, highbinder, magsman, peculator, freebooter all might have worked. Thief is just so cliche. I guess warrior isn’t much better and ranger really doesn’t have many alternatives either, but darnitall, GW2 is supposed to turn the genre on its head, isn’t it?

    1. While being the flip the genre needs, they’re not trying to be completely unique to the point of disgust. Sure, the class names may not be dazzling, but look what they can do compared to most. Many of the mechanics will be different from the common “rogue” class” I’m sure.

      1. Well, some of the stuff about stealing from adversaries sounds a lot like mesmer skills from gw1, so that will be interesting. Mesmers themselves, however, grow ever more distant.

    2. Thief was the original backstabbing class, none of this ‘rogue’ usurper. I like the fact that, to show it’s not a remake of your good old generic MMO rogue, they’ve gone back to the roots of the term in the first place to replace it.

  8. I am a huge proponent of sticking it to the corporations and getting information out there to the public – but I think in this case ANet deserves to have their wishes respected, given all they do to foster good relations with the fans and community sites.

    It’s certainly a judgement call, but I Ravious made the right call, at least for now.

    On the other hand, I think ANet should adjust to this and get at least some information out there before PAX that people can comment on and talk about. They probably have some agreements with the PAX organizers and NCsoft that they want to live up to in terms of having a big reveal for the show, but it would also be silly on their part to simply pretend nothing happened.

    I think something simple would suffice – a blog post or something, saying “oops, that wasn’t supposed to happen! Ah well. We’d love to show you more now, but the thief has vanished back into the shadows; for the time being, here are a couple blurry screenshots to ponder.” It’d at least give people something they could publish or talk about – you can’t just expect everyone to pretend they don’t know anything about this mysterious 6th profession for the next couple weeks…

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