[GW2] Art and Stealing

Over at GuildWars2Guru, Actionjack is still going strong with the Can I Play GW2? webcomic. He’s created about 80 strips, but that doesn’t include all the variants and asides as well. They are simply fantastic, and rightfully we’ve plugged them before. My favorite thing is the effect Actionjack is having on this one Guild Wars 2 community. Creative people are rallying around his comic, making their own versions to thank him, and Actionjack is running a weekly Art Challenge with a simple Guild Wars 2 subject as the concept. This week it’s a norn thief. So, if you are artistically inclined definitely check out those threads. Finally, I wanted to republish an Actionjack-inspired piece drawn by Husky detailing one of the newly revealed thief mechanics: stealing. It amuses me every time, and it really hits home exactly what the stealing mechanic does. The thief takes something from an enemy then uses it against them. Perhaps the two would want to band together and draw tutorial strips for all the profession mechanics? (wink, wink)


5 thoughts on “[GW2] Art and Stealing”

  1. I like the idea, but I wonder about the deadliness of the Caketoss move. I’m sure it’s an effective temporary blind, but what if the thief needs a finishing move? Logically they should also be able to steal large candles and cake knives, to supplement their arsenals. I might be making too big of an assumption in assuming that the class is cake-based.

    1. Ah, but the profession depicted isn’t strictly the thief newly revealed by ArenaNet. It is also a nod to one of Actionjack’s earlier comic creations known as the Cakessassin-the ender of cakes.

    2. I have a suspicion that Canthan combat muffins might enter the picture at some point.

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