Approaching Mid-Game

My Warden is entering the mid-40s and exiting “one level per day” unless I take some vacation time. The real goal is level 58, when a daily Barrow Downs Survival skirmish becomes more plausible with Conviction (AE heal and threat: kite-tanking).

Just ahead lies what used to be the endgame, so there is a ridiculous lot of content available: Angmar, Goblin Town, Eregion, and Forochel, plus all the Shadows of Angmar™-era endgame instances and occupations, plus skirmishes and scaling content. The leveling path becomes far more constrained in Moria, but I could enter there in my mid-50s, or you can skip any level range in these days of scaling content.

I already have my completist character with a mostly complete deed log, so I have only a minimal urge to achievement-grind on this character. I have accepted advice on the five virtues she needs, so that will be ~50 deeds, and the rest is decoration that no one else can see. The “Warden” title is not available until level 65, so I may pick another target deed before then. I do feel compelled to complete the deeds for X quests in each zone plus the epic chain, but The Shire is my only place to backtrack and quest-grind. I may even overcome the compulsion to complete the mail and pie delivery chains.

: Zubon

5 thoughts on “Approaching Mid-Game”

  1. I am going to slot Innocence, Empathy, Discipline, Zeal and Honesty.

    1. The recommendation was Valour, Innocence, Loyalty, Discipline, and Honesty. I may reconsider, but Valour seems like a given for most classes.

  2. Soloing the Barrow Downs Skirmish sounds like a meaty challenge. I never did manage it with my Champion.

  3. Valour, Innocence, Loyalty, Empathy and Honesty: my standard set-up on my Warden.

    Zeal adds Melee Defence, but my Warden is soft-capped (ie, 1000 below cap, because that’s what scrolls are for); Discipline adds even less MD and a small amount of Might – Might food is more efficient (i’m soft-capped for Vitality too, so Vit food is a waste).

    on the other hand, it’s actually quite difficult for Wardens to reach the common mitigation cap from armour – so Empathy is really useful and adds considerable staying power. common/ non-common mit gets applied *before* Melee Defence too, so is relatively more effective.

    of course, situationally it’s different: tanking the Watcher or DN you replace Empathy for Zeal, as the poison mitigation of Zeal greatly outweighs the non-common mitigation benefit of Empathy.

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