Nor’easter to PAX

Tomorrow morning, I am heading off to PAX East in Boston. My itinerary is pretty light, but since this is my first PAX, I want to remain pretty flexible. Friday, my main target is the evening NCSoft Meet and Greet at the Westin Boston Waterfront Hotel, but that will give me lots of time in the afternoon to dip my toe in the show floor. I will be joining the GuildMag et al. krewe at the Meet and Greet for a live video podcast somewhere around 9-11 PM EST. My plan is then to see who is more German, me or Martin Kerstein. The benchmark will be grain alcohol. (Mine will really be water, but I am a student of Dr. Lightman, and I intend to get answers. Answers to questions!)

Saturday morning we have the most awesome Bloggers & Breakfast, sponsored by yours truly and mostly Syp over at Bio Break. It’s not exclusive to bloggers, so if you are a blogger, reader, commentator, developer, or Google search bot, please stop on by for buttery camaraderie and badass croissants. Saturday for a late lunch it appears the Guild Wars 2 community meet’n’greet will happen in the food hall of the convention center before the “Guild Wars 2 – Fantasy MMO Redefined” panel. Then we’ll all head, like a pack of feral animals, to the panel together. Woe to those standing in line in front of us.

So if you see a red-headed dude running around in the above shirt, be sure to say hello! I’ll give you an ultra-collectible, just now laser-printed, business card with the same logo in return. I am going to try and hunt down Trion Worlds and Turbine as well, and if anybody has any Aion, City of Heroes, or Guild Wars 2 questions they want answered, I’ll do my best when I meet up with NCSoft. Hopefully next week I will have lots to share!


7 thoughts on “Nor’easter to PAX”

  1. So very un-MMO player of you guys to have that breakfast go from 8am to 9:30am. What real gamer gets up before 10 on a Saturday?

    That said, hopefully I’ll run into you and others at PAX, I should be around all three days.

  2. I wish I could have made it. Finals week sucks. Pity aside, maybe look into some of the new attribute system for me and see if there is anything interesting we missed? I assume you don’t need prompting to try out the crafting system they have added to the demo lol. Also, as perhaps a personal favor (not that you owe me or anything) could you try out the guardian? I wanted to see what other Elite skills they can have other than “create a huge bubble shield, Halo 3 style, on my location.” As well as the spirit weapons. They are, what I believe to be, an untouched partition of the Guardian.

  3. Have fun, cool shirt! You will lose to Martin ofc. The only ones to beat a German when it comes to drinking beer are British school girls.

  4. Good luck. Hopefully you have info about the Guild Wars 2 demo(I take it you are playing it :P). I would like to know from a gamer and bloggers standpoint what the deal is with it. Hopefully all great. Have fun!

  5. Questions:

    GW2 – anything and everything you can find out! :)

    Aion – housing and mounts, will houses all be the same (hope not) and do they still plan the ‘fight and capture’ type mount acquisition? Yeah, I know, only the Korean devs know anything…

    CoH – CoH 2, we know they must be working on it. Drinks, blackmail, threats, or whatever you need to do to find out more, we’ll bail you out of jail afterward, honest.

  6. Have Fun.
    Looking forward to read what happened on that epic quest for a solo adventurer.

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