[Rift] Events, Chapter 2

Last night, Chapter 2 of my guild’s epic Rift journey started in Gloamwood. Thankfully with my horse-plodding advancement pace, I had just hit the near-end of Gloamwood’s quest cycle by the start of the event. The guild event was a lot of fun, and we opened up Gloamwood’s “mega-event” The Purging of Gloamwood Pines. It seems that our glorious guild leader heard through the direct-source grape-vine that cleansing the zone of small events is one of the best ways to start a zone-wide event. The grape-vine hoped that my guild could “double-check” this functionality, and it appears to be working.

So far I have felt that the events I saw were not to full potential. There are nearby events that appear in the quest tracker when a player gets within some distance. These are the rifts themselves with their offshoots, footholds and invasion forces, which are all one-offs. Destroy the foothold, kill the invading force leader, or close the multi-stage rift, and the event is gone. Then there are zone-wide events, which many call invasions. Everybody in the zone is notified via flavor text and the quest tracker update. Those that I’ve seen so far are simply a mass spawn of rifts and invasion forces followed by a boss that appears after so many rifts and/or invasion forces are dealt with.

Last night, I saw how much more Rift’s dynamic event system could do. The Purging of Gloamwood Pines starts off not with a dozen rifts darkening the gloomy skies, but with two huge quest circles surrounding the central town in the Gloamwood zone. This confused the heck out of me because I saw the flavor text flash across my screen and my quest tracker update with a zone-wide event, but I didn’t see any rifts. Instead, everybody was supposed to amass at this central location and kill werewolves that were living in town. Death totems also sprang up around Gloamwood Pines in case anybody was unsure as to whether the town was a safe haven anymore.

The event chains to a werewolf boss in the middle of town, but I noticed that the event was not over after the boss was killed off quickly. The Hag (Gloamwood’s big bad) then decided she had enough of the players’ meddling, and asked the death dragon Regulos for power to trample Gloamwood. In response, Guardian forces came through the portal to help defend the town. The event then leads into an attack/defend scenario with five of the Hag’s Creations (mini-bosses and/or footholds?). At the end of the event, I received a purple rift token signifying the epic event and participation.

I really liked this event because it starts off gathering players in a central location, and then it expands in to a multi-front challenge requiring the town zerg to break up. It also felt more like a true event chain. Trion Worlds also used it as an opportunity to tell a bit more of the story of Gloamwood. I have a few more things to wrap up in Gloamwood before heading on, but I am very excited to head to the first contested zone.


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  1. I like that better then the Defiant events I’ve been in. Most of them tell you that it’s time to take down the boss, but he’s usually heck-and-gone from where I am XD

  2. One of Rift’s real pleasures, at least on one’s first trip through, is visiting new zones and seeing the new rifts and invasions (both new mechanics/story and new types – you probably won’t see any Air rifts before your 30s, for example).

  3. Scopique: I think most people defiant-side have figured out where the boss is (the giant “plant” for example) and try to make their way there at some point during the event.

    I made it there once or twice, but now that I know it rewards you either way, I don’t worry as much about getting there.

  4. The different zone mega-events are fun, and yes, you can trigger them by hunting down rifts and completing the smaller mini-events. Our 5 man has been able to trigger such action with just a little legwork. Also the real reward (IMO) is the massive amount of planerite you get. At 44 I pull in over 1k just from a mini-event.

    Only change I’d like to see is the communication aspect; I’d like the mega-events to be more clear that they are, well, mega. Different quest tracker graphics or something, to really draw more players in and get them even more populated.

  5. I particularly like the Scarlet Gorge large event, which requires a good deal of co-operation and has a very satisfying ending. As the first zone with a mix of Guardian and Defiant players, there are some interesting social dynamics even on a PvE server. It’s always interesting to see whether mutual self-interest will override competition, and, if it does, whether a massive firefight will break out once the event is complete.

    1. Events in contested zones also lead to an interesting dynamic where you can end up trying to defend the other faction’s Wardstones, since the quality of the event reward (seems to be) tied to completion of all the objectives, including defending all the Wardstones.

      Makes things interesting when there’s a population imbalance (or the other faction just aren’t defending) as you try to defend the quest hub without getting killed by the defenses there…

  6. Unfortunately the Gloamwood event you describe is the exception. The events of nearly every contested zone are simply a combination of: Kill invaders, close rifts and defeat the boss.

    There is also the problem of being a Defiant player in a contested zone. Due to pronounced population imbalances Defiance players are often unable to participate in zone events on PvP servers. This was less of a problem when I was leveling my first character during the initial release of the game, but it is glaringly apparent on my second character in zones such as Scarlet Gorge and Scarwood.

    I have yet to see an event succeed in Scarlet Gorge or Scarwood on this character and I’ve already moved on to the next zone. Even worse I haven’t had a chance to participate in an event that actually targeted my faction since we apparently don’t have the population required on Defiant side to trigger one. This is on one of the most populated US servers. A solution to the population disparity needs to be high on Trion’s list of fixes or we’re in danger of another Threemonther.

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