Entering Moria Again

When last we saw my Warden, she was hitting the mid-40s. I ran most of the quests one conveniently could in all the zones I listed. I never found groups for the Angmar instances, but I did solo the rest of Volume 1.

That puts you at 55, with no skirmishes, instances, or grinding. That is your measure of how much 45-50 content there is in LotRO: it lasts you until 55. The 30 seconds I spent in Moria were to drop off Book 1 of Volume II (unlock legendary items, so I could start earning IXP).

Also on the “with no grinding” note, I finished my legendary trait pages at level 53. You can start finding those pages at level 39, so that is how long it took with no effort devoted to farming. I can only imagine how horrible those pages were in the very beginning when only one type of monster dropped each set of four. That grew to humanoids in two zones (half of each book in each), then humanoids in four zones (half of each book in each pair), and I am told that any humanoid in Moria could drop any page if I still needed them.

If I wanted to, I could skip Moria entirely by running/riding the entire length and starting on Lothlorien reputation. But that would be silly.

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  1. Silly but understandable if you ask me. ;) I never disliked any quest area in any MMO I ever played as much as I do Moria. There’s only one sub-area that I like (waterworks or whatever it’s called) and that’s mainly because it’s one big room with a few obstacles in between. But it’s easy enough to navigate, so I don’t get lost in there – which usually happens regularly when I’m in Moria.

    I didn’t know there’s enough quests to get to 55 outside of Moria, though. I think I quested till 52 and then went inside. But my warden left it again with 57 or so to grind and quest in Lothlorien.

  2. Actually, this makes me much keener to level an alt. I didn’t realise you could skip Moria entirely, and I never much liked it.

  3. I know absolutely nothing about LotRO but I know the satisfaction of making it through content without having to grind. I’m currently working through Survivor on GW just by questing (where everyone in the world appears to be grinding it out over a couple of days). It’s far more satisfying and I feel like I’ve got to know the game again.

  4. I did it differently: 03/17 I entered Moria for the first time, but preferred to finish some deeds in Eregion. I did not yet complete the Angmar part of the Vol I., but already awakened Thorog in the 2nd arc of Vol I.. I entered Lothlórien on 03/27 and became acquaintanced with the Galadhrim on the same day and said “Hi” to the Malledhrim in Mirkwood already. That was only 10 days in the dark. The Moria instances are also almost abandoned and also due to solofication, the dungeon game starts at 65 these days.

    I have not yet completed all Vol II Moria books, but they are now easy as pie due to inspiration buff and the recent solofication pass and well worth it!

    There is a lot of content at the former level cap, and in fact one levels so fast nowadays without having to grind that Vol I. is quickly GREY. I know a lot of players who finished Vol II. before Volume I.

  5. I’m really disliking being in Moria again, once was enough for me. It’s not the zone but the ridiculous back-and-forth with the quests. At least on my burglar I can stealth and with the recent update can move at 95-100% movement speed while doing so, it makes exploration of the nooks and crannies much more fun. My goal is to get to 55 unlock the new skirmishes and leave Moria as soon as possible. Although a stop off in Flaming depths might be interesting because I didn’t quest in that zone on my warden, and maybe just maybe the foundation of stone if I’m feeling crazy but having to do book 6 there is more than enough time spent in that questing hellhole.

  6. As a Warden particularly, you do not skip Moria. The shield capstone legendary trait is for completing the first half of Volume II, so if you want to be a tanking Warden, you want to complete at least that much. And as said, it is entirely soloable now, so the only barrier is a bit of running around. And I might as well get some questing done while I am in the area…

    I like completing the deeds for X quests in each area, and in Moria that unlocks your swift goat travel.

  7. Not being easily able to unlock swift goat travel was one of the reasons I hated Moria so much. I did spend time there, I did loads of quests, but still they made me wait so long for the stupid travel routes. It just wasn’t fair.

    Funnily enough in just about every other zone where they’ve done something similar, I got the deed without really having to think about it. So all they managaed to do was make Moria even more miserable for me than it was already.

  8. yay options.

    btw if you were a proper gamer you would have done V2bk1 when you were *45* and you could have been leveling those starter LIs this whole time! ;-}

  9. I don’t really get all the dislike of Moria. The only place that’s really onerous to get swift travel to is the S-place that I can’t remember; most of the others aren’t so bad. The goat thing is annoying, but I’m pretty sure you can circumvent that with the Thorin’s Hall rep mount, can’t you?

    Beyond that, it’s Moria, for pete’s sake. It’s supposed to be a gigantic, sprawling maze that’s bloody hard to get around. The atmosphere is absolutely brilliant and I can’t praise Turbine enough for how well they handled the zone.

    As for the L39 book page quests, I know a bunch of folks who’ve gotten all of their pages before 45; that garbage is entirely luck based. I was stuck waiting on my last page for a couple of my traits for nearly three weeks.

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