MMO Love to Japan

The world is supporting the crisis in Japan, but that support doesn’t just end with individuals and governments. Game companies are stepping up too. Valve is trying to get gamers to buck up by buying Japanese-themed Team Fortress 2 hats (all proceeds after tax to Red Cross). Two MMO companies are taking another route.

NCSoft has donated over 6,000,000 USD directly to Japan, which overshadowed every other Korean corporation donation at the time it was made (including Samsung and LG). It even outshadowed Japanese corporations donations like Nintendo and Sony. Now it is likely that Japanese corporations are “donating” with paid-time off and other ways to help employees and their communities, but it does put a point on NCSoft’s significant generosity.

US-based Trion Worlds with the shiny-new MMO Rift is taking a more personal route. They are finding their Japanese customers and giving them a free month of play. It’s not necessarily as humanitarian as donating money to aid, but it adds yet another showing that Trion Worlds values its customers. I have recently been a little critical of the mid-level zones and fuzzy edges of the dynamic content engine, yet as I noted in my last Rift post, they are keeping me a happy customer.

Prayers and thoughts continue to go to the island gaming nation. Also, one can never have too many hats.


4 thoughts on “MMO Love to Japan”

  1. Loved it when I heard about this for the first time. Very cool of NC Soft to do, especially with it being a Korean company. It’s awesome the amount of support that so many people from so many parts of the world are showing for Japan during this mess.

  2. Good to see this. I was actually wondering whether there was a way for us to donate with NC Soft/Anet, but good to see they support Japan and so generously too!

    Stay strong, Japan! And bless NC Soft for their support!

  3. Awesome :D

    Thanks for letting us know Ravious. Good to know that NCsoft cares about that kind of stuff. They aren’t just some money hungry gaming company. Thanks :P

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