[Rift] Take Me to the River

The first major patch for Rift is happening today. While there have been many patches from minor balance issues to hot fixes in Rift’s first month after launch, this is the first patch that deserves a whole tenth of a version. The 1.1 Update is bringing plenty of heavier balance changes, a lot of other tweaks, a new raid, and an event. Of course this first patch is well timed for players sitting on the fence subscription-wise, but Trion Worlds has told PCGamer that they intend to be “the most nimble and dynamic MMO developer in the AAA market.”

I am excited about the whole patch, especially the changes to the mage class, which is my main, but I am most excited about the Endless Court event. This event is gamewide. Every zone (except the tutorial areas) will be affected as an onslaught of Death plane invaders attack Telara. This is a true invasion as each zone erupts with rifts and footholds, which of course start sending out invading groups to attack any area left unscathed. Like the current zone wide events, player activity will be considered when the system is about to drop the Endless Court event. The big difference is that with normal zone wide invasions if all the zone’s wardstones fall, the event fails. With the start of the Endless Court event, the zone has already lost, and players have to fight to reclaim their world.

This is what excites me about Rift. The dungeons, class system, raids, and PvP (and I guess quests) are all nice, but it is their dynamic events that are really making me a fan of their game. It has taken some time to unlearn much of my conditioning caused by MMOs of the past, but now I am reveling in the chaos, dynamics, and camaraderie that these dynamic events bring. I want more of this. I want planar nukes dropping on capital cities. I want more complex events that chain to bring a greater story to life. I want to feel like I am building up Telara and breaking down the invading planes. The update is taking the game one step closer to this dream. For now, I am looking forward to a world bathed in Death tonight.


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  1. If they hold true to their 4-8 week plan of releasing something new, this is going to be an exciting time for MMOs. RIFT will shatter WoWs quarterly update schedule and set a new benchmark for live content. This is the stuff we pay $15 a month for chow me the content Trion and I’ll show you the money :)

  2. “For now, I am looking forward to a world bathed in Death tonight.”

    Hopefully that death toll takes all the trolls off the forums and brings a better community overall.

    Since the world of MMO’s has changed since the launch of WoW, all the griping, moaning and complaining has gotten out of hand…and for the the stupidest reasons.

    This patch offers something most newer MMO’s could never get, due to spending 98.9% of their time fixing the mess they released. Trion does not have to, and instead offers us NEW CONTENT.

    Now, I wish for the bit***ing and complaining to stop and let this game progress…and I will be there enjoying every second.

  3. I love this stuff and, while I know everyone is sick of hearing me talk about it, there was a lot more of it in the early phases of beta, but they toned it back.

    Maybe they did it so they could introduce the audience to the idea that, maybe, just maybe, your quest NPC isn’t going to be standing there doing nothing whenever you need him. Maybe he’s going to be fighting for his life.

    Anyway, can’t wait to see how this event plays out!

  4. I loved rift during the Beta and have been saddened that despite pre-ordering I haven’t gotten to play as much I’d like to. Thanks for keeping us updated on the progress.

  5. I have not been playing all that much and was planning to drop out but my family convinced me to continue with the subscriptions so we will be putting in more time in Rift. If they enjoy it I enjoy it. Looking forward to seeing some of this new stuff.

  6. Just logged out ten minutes ago as the servers came down for the big patch. Going to be a long four hours!

  7. There is a fundamental law of business that also applies to game development.

    “It can be; fast, cheap, or quality. Pick one.”

    If by some revolutionary way of doing business they are able to defy this “law” and give something good and fast that doesn’t break the bank they they will have done something. Color me skeptical.

    They may be able to do it for a short while, but I don’t think it’s sustainable.

    Of course, that’s just my opinion, I could be wrong.

    1. Isn’t it pick two?

      Anyway, the ball is in their court. I’ll take it now, and if they drop the ball, then I’ll quit subscribing… pretty easy answer.

      Hartsman has said though that their whole dynamic content system was built around being able to add content easily. A lot of preparation can make things easier in the long run.

      1. Luckily for Trion the bar has been set so low, adding non-rehashed content once a quarter is going to feel fast. How far we have fallen from the expected and always delivered days of AC1 monthly progressive storyline updates…

  8. I also play Mage, Chloro/Warlock combo to be exact, and considering I’ve never had any problem whatsoever with killing pretty much anything, I gladly welcome some more OPness in the form of mage boofs.

  9. I’m loving the dynamic atmosphere of Rift as well. An example would be last night I decided to take a break and did what any good MMORPG player would do: I logged out near the npc’s and quest givers as this is typically the safe spot if you aren’t in a town. An hour later, I logged back in to find the npc’s dead and about 10 on-level mobs circling the foothold that was a wardstone an hour earlier. There were no other players around and the foothold was spawning more mobs every couple of minutes. It was actually nice to log into that!!

  10. “For now, I am looking forward to a world bathed in Death tonight.”

    I knew you were evil.

  11. “this is the first patch that deserves a whole tenth of a version”

    That’s not how software version numbers work!

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