Hook, Line

Tomorrow is one of the internet’s favorite holidays. I recall my first year in Asheron’s Call, when a fansite mentioned a bug granting a Darktide (FFA PvP server) character a GM flag that effectively gave him godmode. Last year, some friend sites were part of a small conspiracy that was re-blogged at the New York Times and Wall Street Journal after they made up a controversy that was “too good to check” before publishing. Curse that 24/7 news cycle. One hopes that a combination of caution and the new paywall will prevent embarrassment this year.

Read safely this Friday. Consider the comments on this post open for linking your favorite jokes and pranks of the year. Unfortunately, Poe’s Law applies generally: no matter how absurd your joke, we can find apparently sincere examples that are worse. Exaggeration is hard these days.

: Zubon

6 thoughts on “Hook, Line”

    1. Time zones: the bane of the unwitting. And tomorrow, some Australians are going to forget and be very unhappy about “late” jokes.

      1. Is it considered a poor joke if the joke-classes description sounds so awesome you wouldn’t want to play any of the real classes anymore?

  1. I remember the brilliant Legend of Zelda movietrailer, and that one I didn’t get to see until like a week or two after April 1st; the pain when it was revealed to be a joke was horrible.

    And yeah, there’s a good on on the GW2 wiki this year; the invulnerable shadowmancer. ;)

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