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Lots of great MMO gags are running across this year’s April Fools. ArenaNet brought their own with the release of the “9th” Guild Wars 2 profession (with video!), the Commando, and the annual April Fool’s Guild Wars patch notes. One thing I really like in the fake patch notes is the constant mockery of possible in-game store items. I think it shows how much they are really listening to fans. I also laughed at the jab against Kormir, who stole the player’s thunder in a similar way at the end of Nightfall.

Anyway, each year ArenaNet also does something goofy in game, such as switching genders of characters in town, turning them into stick figures, or even cute, little chibi-dolls. This year the live team raised the bar with an actual quest on the newly added Embark Beach. Seek out Corporal Bane, who traveled from Guild Wars 2 to Embark Beach, to get players to join him in the past to stop a time-traveling golem from killing Sarah of Lakeside county. Plus it appears players will get special Commando-themed skills to use in the quest.

Usually the April Fool’s Guild Wars content is only on for the day. It being a quest, instead of a mere appearance change, the Corporal Bane will stay in Embark Beach until Monday. After that it’s likely the Doctor* will come and take care of him.


*the asuran one with the smoking hot quaggan sidekick, not the British one

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  1. OH man, I seriously could not stop laughing for the majority of my morning. This was brilliant beyond measure. A lot of time and effort had to have gone into making it happen.
    All the subtle nerd references make me happy, too XD I can’t wait to actually get in game and try it out for myself.

  2. “The Charr refer to her as “The Goremonger”, but you likely know her as Gwen.”

    Just played through the quest, it was a lot of fun for a once off quest, going to be replaying it later on alts.

    1. Actually, it’s repeatable if you have a character in need of Vanguard points.
      You just have to leave the map (changing districts counts) to get the ! back.

      They’ve really surpassed themselves this year; I hope – after all the effort that’s got into it – they get extra mileage out of it in the future e.g. Terminator II next year, using those A.R.E.N.A. models in one game or both.

  3. [Character name]: “What’s stopping the Charr from just sending back another, more advanced golem if we beat this one?”
    Corporal Bane: “What? That’s dumb. If they had a more advanced one, why wouldn’t they just send that golem back to begin with? Or better yet, both at the same time?”
    [Character name]: “Yeah, I guess. But hey, won’t all these people we’re killing affect the time line too?”
    Corporal Bane: “Don’t think too hard about time travel; it will melt your brain.”

    Submitted without comment.

  4. well, looks like we are getting a 2012 release if anet keeps putting out silly stuff that wont even be in the game that probably took 2 months to put together just as a joke.

    1. Did you know lip synching in GW1 was done in a programmer’s “spare” time? In other words he gave up break time or voluntarily worked over time to make it happen.

      Don’t be so pessimistic. ;)

    2. This was done in people’s spare time. Just say thank you and save the indignation.

  5. These are so awesome. The alchemist got one of my friends really good and the Commando on the main page got my other friend all worked up. He said that he was pissed that Arena Net added guns when it was supposed to be like melee and magic type combat. He ranted for like 5 minutes until we told him it was all for april fools. It was hilarious XD

    1. Of course, there _are_ guns in GW2, April fools or not ;)

      Also, hats off to ANet for this year’s gag. Was laughing so hard my side hurts. *tiphat*

  6. i had to wait 24 hours to post this so people wont think its a joke. I was at Game-Stop on Thursday and I asked about a reserve date for GW2 and the guy checked his computer and said July 6th……..does it mean its coming sooner then we think or is it just a date holder????

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