Lightning strikes twice! Less than twelve hours after mentioning last year’s pranks, the New York Times has actually published… You know what? I’m not going to spoil the punchline. I will just refer you to Ted Frank.

I mean, sure, he was involved in lawsuits about Grand Theft Auto (you read that right, 5 years over “Hot Coffee”) and NVIDIA, so he sounds like a guy who would be a good source. Ignore the date, cut-and-paste, it’s news!

: Zubon

Follow the links if you are having trouble getting past the paywall. Spoilers allowed in the comments.

9 thoughts on “Sinker”

  1. Is the joke that there is an unending string that leads to no information, not even a blog post? And that there is no paywall on any NYTimes story or blog (and no, I don’t pay them a subscription).

    Are the blogs on the NY Times edited by the NY Times or are they considered blogs like yours and people are free to write as they wish?

  2. Dunno about the NY times, but after 3 links I figured the joke wasn’t on them and bailed. ;)

  3. Nice long trail. Funny to see how many stops there are along the way.

  4. According to a story in today’s New York Times, the first commenter at every gaming blog has a large stick up his ass.

    1. I’m just not very patient. I got to your blog post and bailied on the trail. If having a large stick up your bum means you aren’t gullible, then I’m happy to be guilty.

      Sorry I hurt your feelings! LOL

  5. 2 links, stopped by the 3rd website. Fortunately I read comments. :)

    Wonder how far the rabbit hole goes as more bloggers catch on.

    1. The known web is this big, but unaffiliated parties were known to join in the joke. Most of them linked to a core site rather than forming an outer chain.

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