New Rule

12. Any guild member caught debating politics or religion in a global channel will be kicked on the first offense. Have an out-of-guild alt we can safely mute if you feel these arguments are vital to the future of the republic.

: Zubon

9 thoughts on “New Rule”

  1. Does saying “I would vote for this rule!” count as debating politics? Does saying “I believe this would be a good idea!” count as debating religion? Because I certainly would, and I certainly do.

  2. Wait, so no discussions about whether or not Jar Jar is from the Dark Side of the Force?

    Well at least we can still talk about the finer points of Jabba the Hutt’s sex appeal. I’m fairly sure that tongue fetishisms are neither about politics nor religion.

  3. I protest against this new rule on two counts.

    In the first place preventing political discussion is clearly a concession to the right wing reactionary conservatives and their anti-free speech, pro drm, pro big business anti internet, anti liberal policies.

    In the second place it is clearly a snide attempt to pander to anti-Christian pro-evolution atheists by preventing guild members from talking about basic religious truths.

    Your true colours are revealed sir!

  4. This is a great rule and all guild should have it. The only time I ever nearly quit my favorite guilds of all time were when some bozo felt the need to start talking about their beliefs on immigration and I could never look at them the same afterwards. Ugh.

  5. There’s kin/guild chat and there’s global. I would never view my guildmates differently because of their beliefs nor would I hold it against them if they expressed themselves in global.

    Guild chat is the place for such rules. If someone is sensitive to polarizing opinion, they should turn off global.

    My favorite blog topic of the year, regardless of author. Nicely done.

  6. I wish I could make my partner’s family recognise that this is a good rule for any space they share with me.

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