Issue 20

Coming soon to City of Heroes: the year 2000! I kid! City of Heroes is adding raid groups, as opposed to its even older school system of just having several groups fight a big target without the game’s caring that they are together. They are adding two raid trials. Even more of a throwback to 2000, City of Heroes is adding a guide/mentor/whatever-they-called-it-in-your-game system, such that you can flag yourself as a newb looking for guidance or as a guide willing to help newbs.

Continuing the alternate advancement system, four of the ten incarnate slots will be in the new update. I am particularly drawn to the notion of adding debuffs to all my damaging attacks, but the other three slots are occasional big AE attacks, big AE buffs/heals, and pets. Is it a backhanded line from marketing to say, “the long-awaited endgame arrives!”? Just seven years after launch…

In addition to the two trials, there will be two new lower-level task/strike forces. And, of course, quality of life additions. You can read about all of the new additions here.

: Zubon

3 thoughts on “Issue 20”

  1. Let me know when CoX goes FTP, until then I’ll just play some more Champions Online. :D

  2. That feeling you described in your previous post, of a guild transitioning from casual team-ups to the big leagues of grinding raid bosses? That’s more or less how the entire CoH playerbase is feeling about now.

  3. I liked that it didn’t have an endgame. All the emphasis on endgamey type stuff is one of the little niggles that has irrationally put me off playing it for months now.

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