[Rift] Mind Dump

Random thoughts unworthy of an individual post, but when their power is combined…

(a) Free brown dye all the time would be awesome.

(b) I am about to hit 40. I’ve only done one dungeon (Realm of the Fae), which was awesome.  This saddens me, but I am pretty sure it’s my fault. My game nights usually hit my guild’s open world activities. Looking forward to those missed dungeons in elite mode. Also looking forward to my lion mount because I am sick of the height and girth of my wombat-rhino mount. Turtles still suck the most as mounts.

(c) I am loving Chloromancer. Thanks to everybody that took time to explain how it worked, etc. I still prefer Stormcaller/Elementalist for my solo fun, and a Lightning Storm nuke on dynamic event mobs is good fun. Still, there is something quite enjoyable about the proactive healing of a Chloromancer.

(d) I am kind of disappointed that I am going to miss Phase 2 of the Grim Harvest World Event (officiating a wedding, yay me!). It sucks that this server wide invasion will only happen once. In the future it would be nice if they could run it a few times at least on one day to give more people the chance to experience it.

(e) I switched from pure gatherer to an Outfitter (cloth/leather armorer) after learning that some of the maxed crafted armor items could be as good if not better than Tier 1/2 armors. I really like that I can salvage the armor I create purely for leveling purposes. Materials definitely seem cheap enough for Outfitter in the Auction House to easily level crafting.

(f) I wish there was some sort of zone event notification for zones I am not in. Sometimes I hop through the porticulums (warps) just seeing if there is a zone wide event to participate in. Very costly, but that zone wide event gameplay is the most fun for me. I’ve been thinking about starting a public channel called Crusade for people to just notify each other of events. Perhaps there is already one available?

(g) Oooh neat, the Rift iOS mobile authenticator has just been approved by iTunes.

(h) Moonshade Highlands is currently my favorite zone. I love the weather, the cloud effects, and the emerald green hills. The story is so far not the best of the zone stories, but the water rifts make up for it. I need to find more air rifts though too. Those are neat. Fire rifts are my least favorite because of the difficulty seeing mobs and that tock-tock sound.

(i) Secret to winning zone-wide invasion events: Put raids at the wardstones and then have smaller hit squads attack the rifts only to the first timed phase. Let the timer run out, and then close the rift. Perhaps Trion could help out by slightly upping rewards for defending during invasion events.

So far I am having a fantastic experience. Nearly every problem (except mob density, hint hint) that I have mentioned on the blogs here has been fixed. I don’t take any credit because I am sure whatever problems I have are echoed hundredfold on the official forums, but that is great service. Can’t wait to see what’s coming down the pipe after the Grim Harvest ends. Feel free to free your Rift mind below.


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  1. I echo (b). Spoiled by the much maligned dungeon finder in WoW. Rift would be doing itself a disservice if it didn’t introduce something like that. LFG has long passed from a necessary evil into ‘complete bull’ territory.

    If you can queue for Warfronts, you can queue for instances.

  2. a)Artifacts are excellent for giving money to the explorer, who usually ends up being dirt poor for discovering all extra special places that were put in the game but aren’t in the path of quests.

    b)The traditional quest system doesn’t play very nice alongside dynamic events. Here’s to GW2 for sorting that out.

    c)The game really isn’t alt friendly. Alternate quests plox.

    d)Being able to freely switch between US and EU servers is great. It’d have been better if they could have got rid of the need for shards entirely though. See c)

    ~ Tasha

  3. (f) Someone on my server (Shadefallen) created a channel last week to facilitate that purpose, people post in there whenever they get the first notification that something is about to happen in a zone. Before that, I would usually see people asking in the level chat channel.

    (h) I just got to Moonshade as well and am also enjoying the look of the zone. I came from Scarwood Reach and really enjoyed the storyline there: several interesting hooks for the quests. (I’m on the Defiant side).

  4. d) is why other games don’t bother with the resources necessary (i.e. staff) to do that. MxO misscarried and Asheron’s call is what, niche or something? I dunno. ;P

    1. AC was one of the big three, so yea, not niche back in the day, and the monthly updates are legendary by today’s content delivery standards.

  5. I was going to mention the zone event channel on Shadefallen as well. Mrs Bhagpuss and I started our Defiant characters there this weekend and it was one of the first differneces I noticed. It seems so obvious, but I don’t think many people even realise you can make custom channels. Faeblight, my Guardian server, uses the level channels but it’s not as efficient, obviously.

    I disagree to some extent that Rift isn’t alt-friendly. So far I have a level 50, a level 25, a level 20 and a level 15. Mrs Bhagpuss has a 50 and five in the 20s. That’s about par for us in a good new MMO about six weeks in.

    I do such a small proportion of the static zone content as I level that if I wanted I could pretty much do different quests each time. I reckon I get less than half of my xp from questing.

    My new discovery is that the Defiant side is MUCH more enjoyable than the Guardian! I haven’t touched the Defiant content since beta 1, when that’s all there was and I completely missed how much more beautiful both Freemarch and Stonefields are than Silverwood and Gloamwood. Also the storyline is more interesting there and the rifts are better (I love Water rifts). Meridian is a much bigger capital than Sanctum. It’s all just *better* .

    And lastly my new defiant Warrior got the Spectral Horse mount drop from a death rift when he was level 13. Good times.

  6. b) Having done all of the dungeons at-level, and now half at expert, I’d say you should roll an alt and see them in their original form. They are very similar at expert, yet the challenge is different enough at-level to be worthwhile. Plus each instance ties in very nicely to the zones storyline, which you obviously don’t connect with at 50.

    d) Either you have dynamic events that matter and some people miss, or you don’t have dynamic events at all. Having a world invasion repeat 2-3 times in a week would be pretty lame IMO. So long as Trion does these regularly, missing one won’t be a big deal, but people are conditioned to the “one and only ever” world event style of WoW and other such games. Missing an AC1 event was no big deal, next month you get another. Hopefully Rift is like that.

    f) At 50 everyone uses that channel to call out invasions. I agree however that something pre-50 would be nice, though until 30ish you only really have one zone to quest in.

    i) I’ve mentioned this before, but defending = huge rewards, while rift chasing can be hit/miss, and they recently changed how the whole invasion reward formula is calculated so more people get the better benefits.

    1. I strongly disagree with your take on world invasions. MMO gamers have wildly different schedules, but aren’t punished for them due to the inherent persistence of the worlds they inhabit.

      When you have the super-cool totally fun worldwide event and the majority of your playerbase isn’t able to participate you’re letting down the very people you’re supposed to entertain. Having a handful of varied times for the event to occur during a set period of time doesn’t diminish anyone’s fun.

      1. “and the majority of your playerbase isn’t able to participate”

        Saturday is the busiest day for an MMO. The event is set for Saturday, with a weeks notice.

        I like my events to have meaning, to actually be something worth showing up for and experiencing. That does not happen when you are on round 3 of some grand world event. If you can’t plan a week in advanced to have some time to log online on a Saturday, sorry, better luck next month, but the majority WILL be online, and will experience a great event (servers willing).

        Catering everything to the super-casuals is one major reason worldly MMOs have been dead or dying. It’s nice that, so far, Trion is not caving in.

        1. The events wont be meaningful, but they may be fun and that’s all I care about. Repeating a major event multiple times isn’t catering to super-casuals, if anything it’s catering to the 9-5 average joe-casual MMO player.

          I have my raid days off each week and consequently that means I work Saturdays in exchange. Who even said the events would be monthly? There’s no indication of that sort of frequency. The phase that occurs Saturday isn’t even the final phase of the event, it’s phase 2 which will apparently only last a matter of minutes or hours before the last phase; that sounds really ‘meaningful’.

          1. Phase 2 is the climax where the world explodes with death and massive colossi all along the way.

            Phase 3 is cooldown.

  7. “(i) Secret to winning zone-wide invasion events: Put raids at the wardstones and then have smaller hit squads attack the rifts only to the first timed phase. Let the timer run out, and then close the rift. Perhaps Trion could help out by slightly upping rewards for defending during invasion events.”

    Well the secret to winning the best rewards is staging at an outpost that is nearest to a Rift and nabbing invasions as they make a beeline for that outpost. When the invasion kill count is reached, then go after rifts.

  8. Syncaine said “until 30ish you only really have one zone to quest in”.

    I don’t think that’s really true. By 30th Mrs Bhagpuss and I were in Scarwood Reach, so we could meaningfully do zone events in Gloamwood, Scarlet Gorge and Scarwood, not to mention Stonefields if we’d wanted to make the trip.

    On the Defiant side there are even more options. Freemarch connects directly with Shimmersand and Droughtlands and my Warrior had been in both of those by the time he was level 13. He was in Lantern Hook when an event kicked off and he participatated in it all the way through.

    I didn’t want to leech so he didn’t join any public group, but he was able to follow with the pack and to my surprise he could land both his ranged dots on pretty much everything. Only died on the boss, where obviously the AE one-shotted him.

    Mrs Bhagpuss and I did another event in Droughtlands the following night, when my Warrior was 18th and her Rogue was 13th. We stayed in our own group of two and at 18th I could land everything on planar mobs, including melee hits. Even the pet could bite them. Those two events netted me nearly 1000 planarite, which comparesd rather well with the 2 planarite I get for soloing a minor rift in Freemarch!

    Rift has some of the best design I have seen for fully rewarding explorers without disadvantaging anyone else. If you want to be in Stillmoor at level 10 you almost certainly can, and not only that, you’ll even find stuff you can do there, even if it’s just picking up artefacts.

    Get out and explore from the get-go is my advice.

  9. I agree with you about the wombat-rhino mount. By the way – that’s the best name I’ve heard for it so far! I have no idea what their official name is, and even if I did, other people wouldn’t know it if I said it.

    Fortunately, there are vendors that sell regular good ol’ horses:
    The Guardian horse seller is in Silverwood, at the wardstone south of Argent Glade.
    The Defiant horse seller is in Freemarch, a bit southwest of Kelari refuge on a hill overlooking the path.

  10. The rhino mount is called a yarnosaur. Pretty apt, as its fur does look like it’s made of yarn.

  11. Level 42+ and still having a great time. Not an alt person but you do want to see the instances at normal too. I’ve done them all at each level range and they are a treat.

    Our guild often sends people thru the portals to watch for zone events when we’re doing guild orchestrated runs. Having a game mechanic would be useful.

    Defiant zone rules and there’s way more content than necessary. Moonshade is my favorite so far too with Scarwood as a close second.

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