KI Teases Earthquake Fairness in Test Realm

So, after my big ranty rant last week about Wizard101, addressing the Earthquake spell exploit in PvP, and how the cash-shop equipment making it possible for anyone to buy the highest PvP title in the game, KingsIsle goes and launches the test realm today.

One of the updates being tested? Earthquake will no longer remove stun shields.

If this makes it to the live realm, and actually WORKS, I’ll be impressed.

There’s lots of other updates to truly be excited about, including the much-desired ability (for cash) to change the appearance of your wand/sword. New pets, new spells, and new content (the Wintertusk area, which is linked to the storyline in Grizzleheim). There’s also a new dungeon (i.e., optional quest area with high-quality drops) for players who have hit the level max.

I’ll investigate the Test Realm for a few days before asking you to suffer through an in-depth analysis. But I’ll leave you with this thought:

When will KI realize it’s not too smart to release new questing areas if they aren’t going to raise the level cap at the same time?


5 thoughts on “KI Teases Earthquake Fairness in Test Realm”

  1. Oh Come on.
    The dev addresses the exact point you made a rant about last week (gamebreaking, unfair, long lasting, etc, etc for about 2 pages).
    Your only response is “meh, I bet it won’t work; and btw, what about this other big issue over here, heh?”
    Where’s the thanks, the acknowledgement, the appreciation that the game developers are actively caring about the future of the game and it’s community feedback, rather than just the income stream?
    I thought KTR was better than that?

  2. That was not my “only response”. Not by stretch of the imagination.

    I don’t thank companies for responding to customers. It’s how they keep from going under.

    And yes, I brought up a mistake that KingsIsle has made in the past that they seem close to repeating.

    I am unrepentant.

  3. Going just off what you said in these two posts: there was a known issue that they said they would fix, they introduced a separate mechanic that had been in testing in the meantime despite it compounding for the time being the known issue that they said they would fix, then on the next cycle of testing they introduced the fix for the known issue they said they would fix.

    Sounds like the typical ongoing development of a complex piece of software… not sure there’s much of a story behind your anxieties.

    1. In response to your ‘anxieties’ comment, this so-called fix was on the test servers MONTHS ago as well. It unsuccessfully made it to live for unknown reasons. It was not, then, a part of the following patch. Now it’s back again. Last time it worked in test and didn’t transfer, maybe Perideaux is remembering that? (If not, I apologize)

  4. This is not a matter of the amulets coming out in one update and the developer immediately going to work on the fix that was rolled out in the very next test realm.

    The spells that included Stun All went live in April 2009. Stun Block was included in the July 2009 update. An Earthquake fix was announced as live in July 2010, but as noted it didn’t work. In the April 2011 Test Realm, the Earthquake fix is being tested again.

    Of course, this info is readily available at the Wizard101 site, written in their own words. I’m not revealing any deep dark secrets or taking potshots at the game developer. It’s been two years. I’d be more encouraged by the current test of the fix if it had worked the last time it had been announced as live.

    I have played perhaps five ranked matches in more than two years. I have no personal anxiety or stake in this spell fix. However, I know roadkill on Firecat Ally when I smell it.

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