Wrath Reminiscences

A friend was telling me about playing WoW with her son. He did perfectly fine except for the reading parts, since he is only now 7 and English is not his first language. He was, however, capable of learning how to raid as a DPS character. When she needed to go to the bathroom during a raid, she would have him sit in for her. Nothing helps the guild leader reinforce that you are not doing a good job like having a 5-year-old on Ventrilo telling people to stop standing in the fire and not to shoot the sheeped mobs.

: Zubon

15 thoughts on “Wrath Reminiscences”

  1. I’m pretty convinced that most people play MMOs while drunk.

    Unfortunately it’s all too common in today’s society to come home, “have a few beers”, and plunk oneself down in front of the TV until they are too tired to stay awake. Since becoming so mainstream, MMOs now take the place of the TV.

    But I was raised by alcoholics, so what do I know.

    1. Judging by this cleric we pugged with in Lantern Hook the other day, I totally agree, Arieltalia.

      1. MMOs completely replaced TV viewing for me over a decade ago. I’d pretty much given up watching television about a year before that, but the day I installed Everquest marked the end of my four decade-long relationship with the box in the corner of the living room.

        And I do like a bottle of wine with my MMO now and again :P

    2. Probably more like 10-40% than most. Also, it seems like some people prefer to play MMOs while stoned.

    3. Had a priest healing me in a heroic go oom on the first boss because they were spamming flash of light and mass dispel (when only one person needed dispelling). Their reasoning? “I’m drunk and just wanna have some fun, chill out.” I don’t mind if people can drink and still play, but that is just ridiculous.

      1. Oh, heh, they may have cast other things too, I wasn’t watching their cast bar the whole time.

    1. She also referred to Magtheridon, so I presume the lad was raiding at age 3 … and telling people not to stand in the fire.

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