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Like I thought, Guild Wars 2 will bring with it a profession iconic of all the change that 250 years brings from the original Guild Wars. Meet the engineer, no not that one. More like this one. This profession might be one of the most complex yet taking the elementalist’s attunement mechanic to a whole new level. What is the engineer? Adaptability, preparation, and control.

The engineer has some of fewest options for weapons as it can only use pistols, rifles, and shields, and it cannot switch weapons on the fly. To deal with this limitation, the engineer has seven more “weapons” in the form of skills called kits. When kits are used they replace the weapon skills. Activate the flamethrower kit and get a plethora of incendiary skills that would make any pyro happy. Activate the grenade satchel and become a grenade-throwing maniac. The tool belt seems to also give the engineer more options because when paired with certain kits it will give engineers another skill usable above the skill bar.

Finally, the technology of the engineer replaces the Guild Wars ritualist’s unmoving spirits with turrets. Like the spirits, the engineer can only have one active of each at a time, but I doubt that like spirits only one of each turret can be active in a range. When the turret is dropped, that skill is replaced with a new “overcharge” skill for bigger interaction. This seems similar to how when a necromancer summons a minion the skills gets replaced as well. For now ArenaNet has said there will be 5 turrets, including a healing turret, an AoE-turret called the thumper turret, and a simple rift turret.

I wonder how differently the elementalist and engineer will play. The elementalist always has it’s four attunements available, so if more support is needed the elementalist can switch to water attunement. The engineer would need to have the kits equipped as skills before combat. If an engineer is set up for AoE domination and the team needs support, when in combat the engineer would be out of luck. The engineer seems more about battlefield control with turrets, mines, bombs, and grenades. Perhaps that’s the difference. The elementalist is better at reacting, and the engineer is better at forcing enemies to react, especially if the engineer has time to prepare. Either way, both professions seem to have the most options available at any time.

For a lot more info check out this Wartower.de inteview with some sly innuendos about the final the final profession at the end. We’re running out of marketing arrows with only one more profession to be revealed! It’s going to be exciting to see what happens after all the professions and races have been officially revealed.


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  1. As for the turrets, I believe it says on the website that, “Only one of each type of turret can exist at a time.” Implying that, if turrets are utility skills, a maximum of three turrets can be active at a time.

    What I’d really like to see is the UI for the engineer. This profession looks insanely complicated in text.

    1. There’s always the possibility of having the healing turret be considered a healing skill instead of a utility, so 4 might be the max number at one time.

  2. It sounds like the elementalist will still have the greater number of weapon skills available through attunements (4 x 5), whereas to match that the engineer will need to bring 3 backpacks and these take up utility skill slots. It sounds like for the healing slot that the engineer will have a choice between elixir gun, healing turret or med kit, so only one of those could be used in combat at a time.

    Don’t think they mentioned what the tool kit (a type of backpack) does, as opposed to the tool belt (the engineers unique mechanic, equivalent to elementalists attunements), that will probably be most interesting.

    Have to see it in action to get a better idea how all the things work together, definitely trickier to imagine than the elementalist.

    1. Elementalist will have 5 weapons skills x 4 attunements + 5 choosable skills = 25 skills.

      Engineer can have 5 weapon skills + 3 x 5 toolkits + 1 healing + 1 elite + 3? tool belt skills = 25 skills.

      1. Well when you put it like that, hehe.

        Those 3 ‘backpack’ utility skills put some restrictions on the players choice, they couldn’t take turrets then. I wonder how well that balance will work out whether the backpack and it’s bundle of 5 skills will always be the better choice than a turret (2 functions, normal + overcharge).

        1. “Those 3 ‘backpack’ utility skills put some restrictions of the players choice”

          That’s kind of the point. The Engineer seems to be about a)being prepared against a type of combat OR b) bringing in so much variety that you are somewhat prepared for everything.

          I think what we’ll see good Engineers doing is going in with a wide range of skills then switching to a more specialized load-out that is appropriate to the professions/builds they are teaming with.

          1. Indeed. Like I said above, I think the engineer is going to have to prepare better than the ele b/c of exactly this.

        2. The distinction between kits and turrets, I think, is that while kits gives you more skills overall, it’s more limited in how many you can use at any one time. You can only have one kit loaded at once, after all.

          This makes the choice between kits and turrets seem to me like a choice of power over versatility. A turret, elixir, or some other non-kit skill is always going to be there available to do its thing regardless of whether you’re using a kit or your default weapons. A kit, on the other hand, is only able to provide its full benefits while active.

          So, basically, the engineer that goes all kits is going to be the most versatile of its peers, possibly even edging out the elementalist for the versatility title. However, the engineer that sticks to one, two, or even no kits with elixirs and turrets as support will probably be more powerful than the fully-kitted out engineer that’s currently using the same weapons. That is, of course, unless the situation changes such that the fully-kitted engineer has the right kit for the job while the turret-wrangler doesn’t.

      2. I am curious if there will be utility skills besides kits. It seems improbable that one skill could compete with a kit that gives you 5. Guess we’ll have to wait and see :)

  3. This class is basically the entire game of TF2 wrapped up into one class.

    Don’t believe me?

    Engineer-Obvious. Turret. Dispenser (Healing turret)
    Pyro-Flamethrower with Airblast
    Soldier- Rocket jump
    Medic-Med Kit
    Scout-Overcharge shot=FaN

    Its gunna be awesome

  4. *Scratches head* Okay let me get this straight.

    Backpacks are like attunements and are available at anytime

    Weapon Kits are utility skills

    and the tool belt sits there as the “Save what I’ve already done” button.

    Am I correct?

    1. Nope.

      1. All Kits(Backpacks and Weapon Kits) are utility skills. The Med Kit will most likely be a healing skill.

      2. When used, these kits act as an environmental weapon, changing your Weapon Skills.

      3. The Tool Belt provides additional skills that are dependant on which kits you are carrying.
      For example, when you have the Mine Kit equipped(but not necessarily activated) Tool Belt will have an ability to detonate all mines at the same time; or if you have the Med Kit equipped you will have access to a self heal in the Tool Belt.

      1. thanks for the eksplanations.
        I do look forward to the follow up on the class reviel that usually comes, especially I like to see how the engineer is toned down (read not overpowered).

        besides that there is a little info in the follow up interview floating around that had caught my attention. might not belong here but it disappears in all the engineer stuff

        the world consist of 25 huges zones.
        And Marksman and Warden are both classes that have been worked on but dropped at one time in the development. both facts unknown to me before today

  5. I’m excited about this profession. I think we’ve kind of known about it for a while now. I believe we saw it in action in the very first (leaked) gameplay video before Gamescom. Check out the video around 2:30 and look for a guy with a shield throwing what looks like bombs: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I8OBFlZ9RiU

  6. The engineer looks amazing – ANet truly hit a whole new level of coolness, sophistication, and versatility with this one. Unfortunately, this actually worries me quiet a bit.

    To me the engineer, as cool as it is, almost looks like a profession from an entirely different game. I’m worried that ANet got a bit carried away with how cool these new ideas were, and produced a profession who just works better and is slicker and more dynamic than all the other ones.

    This wouldn’t be the first time, unfortunately. The Paragon was perhaps the worst offended in GW1, but all the Factions and Nightfall professions had it to one degree or another – at least, until they got nerfed into line. The Death Knight in WoW had a similar problem, where it could just plain do everything, and on top of that its mechanics were just more sophisticated and fun than its peers.

    I’m sure Anet will go back and try their best to bring the other professions up to speed, but it’s a big chunk of time to re-tune six older professions, on top of all the other work they’re doing these days.

    I think the engineer looks super cool, but ANet just doesn’t have a good track record when it comes to being disciplined about these sorts of design choices. I hope they have things sorted out for GW2…

  7. Tool belt = artificially increasing size of skill bar = cheating by ANet. :)

  8. I’m interested in this one, for sure. It actually sounds like a good proffession for my human, or maybe sylvari. I’m also disgusted at how much pointless hatred fantasy lore lovers seem to have for moderately advanced tech.

    1. As someone who’se prone to being a pointlessly complaining fantasy lore geek (but tries to think things through before complaining online!), I think there are a few things to do with the LOOK of the the engineer stuff that feel out of place. It’s simply that nothing else in the GW2 world except for the Charr uses stuff like this; more traditional fantasy RPG classes seem odd alongside it.

      I realised I was being unfair when I thought about it and figured that the same skills using less modern-looking (more magical or steampunky) graphics wouldn’t have upset me, lol.

      1. That’s a fairly common view – I’ve blogged on it myself. It’s not what they can do with the various stuff, but some of it really does look a bit too 20th-century.

        Purely aesthetics, but the aesthetics could certainly use some work.

      2. Yeah – I wish ANet would “steampunkish” this stuff lil bit more.
        Ususally I’m first to complain when anything like powder or technology comes to fantasy world, but I’m ok with GW2. Just… make this stuff more clock-work gadgets :(

  9. I was going to say I’d like to see it in play at E3, but when I went to the E3 site, neither Anet nor NCSoft are listed as exhibitors. What gives?

    1. It is possible that like PAX East, they are not exhibitors but would still have a press room. I am not sure. I would guess a CM will likely let the community know sometime.

      Either way, I wouldn’t expect any fan-based or exhibitor-level activity until gamescom and PAX.

    2. Late reply, but ANet doesn’t do E3 because it’s not fan-friendly. They said something about it on their blog; they prefer conventions where their fans can play the game, rather than just other developers and press people.

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