E3 and Trailer Investments

A “dev” speaks on Star Wars: The Old Republic’s cinematic trailers. The trailers are beautiful, expensive creatures, especially the newest one Return. There is a point though in the accompanying satire. Those creatures are an extravagance especially when the actual gameplay is so lackluster. I do appreciate the entertainment the trailers provide in the compressed amount of time.

On the other hand, we have the Trackmania 2: Canyon trailer, which was done by alpha testers. Of course Nadeo (Trackmania developer) is about 15 times smaller than BioWare, and being French there is little fat to trim. PCGamer was so impressed by it that they gave it a whole dedicated paragraph in a press conference filled with giants like Assassin’s Creed, Far Cry 3, and another Tom Clancy game. More on this game later.

Oh, and if you love or hate Desktop Dungeons, they have an updated version coming out and the demo of this version is up for only three days!


5 thoughts on “E3 and Trailer Investments”

  1. lol that bitgamer review of SWTOR is pretty funny, is it a spoof ?. Is the guy actually complaining that npc characters you interact with act different to real players ?

    1. Not a spoof, it actually first appeared in PC Gamer blog after the most recent SWTOR press junket. People were outraged that of all the press reviews (you know after BioWare paid for flights, hotel, food, etc.) this was so negative.

      Regardless of it’s review benefits, I am using it in satire. ;P

      1. Yeah I just thought it was a weird piece with regards to him moaning about lack of population (with only 50 people on his test shard), the fact lightsabers didnt one hit people etc. I coulda sworn it should have been on the Eurogamer site ;)

  2. Not all that surprising that the best stuff to come out of SW are the movies. I mean, that’s kinda what the ‘game’ is, right?

  3. That Trackmania trailer is pretty sweet and it looks like a great game.

    SWTOR is exactly like I thought it would be. For a while I thought it could have some potential but that preview pretty much confirms my thoughts, a terrible MMORPG clone. Not just WoW just an MMORPG clone in general. Generic questing, non engrossing storyline, seems like a flop.

    Guild Wars 2 is looking miles better already, now we just need release!

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