F2P Coming Soon: City of Heroes/Villains

CoX: Freedom, to be released with the next major update. It uses the “no cover charge” model. They understand their market: CoX has always catered to altoholics, and the major thing you do not get free is a lot of alts: 2 character slots, feel free to buy more or subscribe.

: Zubon

5 thoughts on “F2P Coming Soon: City of Heroes/Villains”

  1. Haven’t read any details of this myself, but based on your two sentence summary, I’d say that they have made a pretty shrewd design choice. :-)

  2. The only thing I don’t like is the restriction on characters for the F2P crowd. I seriously had hoped they’d gone the GW route, and just unlock the heroes and content for the players, leaving the expansions as the ‘need to pay’ aspect. It’s the same reason I didn’t bother trying Champions Online when they went F2P – the kind of heroes I wanted to build weren’t available to the F2P crowd, only the P2P crowd. :\

  3. The only restricted types are the four Epic Archetypes, which aren’t notably more powerful in any way, shape, or form, and the two most difficult to play types.
    (Spiders, Widows, Khelds, Warshades, Controllers and Masterminds)
    They’re more complex, but not better.

    And if you _have_ existing ones, they’re still yours.

    Everything else is completely open. All the power sets, all the classes.

    1. Or rather, two (plus free slots accrued over time) will be still yours to play. Nor will the new powersets be open unless bought or subscribed.

      It does suddenly explain why they felt obliged to put in a tediously grindy endgame though – so non-horizontal non-altholics will have something to do with their two vertically progressing characters, and all the attempts to make their MMO more like a standard MMO with a bunch of options – to anticipate the newbies flooding in and asking the standard MMO questions to evaluate worth.

  4. I’ve never stuck with CoH for long before, but I hope the dynamic might be different this time knowing that my character won’t end with my subscription.

    However; won’t be revisiting before Freedom occurs:
    1] I want the new tutorial zone + archetypes independent of alignment.
    2] Might find it unplayably dated 5 minutes after installation.

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