[Rift] Valor Be My Shield!

Jaradcel writes up a guest post on the upcoming update for Rift. Enjoy! –Ravious

Rift is to have its third major update in 1.3 come June 22nd, and besides a new raid in Hamerknell, also features major revamps to warriors and mages. Of note however, was the originally planned overhaul to PvP as well, which was scrapped after a massive outcry from the forums. I’ll skip the first two, and look at the results and issues of the third since I happen to be PvPing alot lately.

As in other MMO’s, Rift has its own special stat for PvP players – Valor. The more you have the less damage you take from other players. There are six ranks to gain at level 50, called prestige ranks, which subsequently unlock better valor gear as players rank up.
Initially, patch 1.3 was slated to drastically readjust how Valor worked.

First, it would reduce player damage further, with a planned 40% damage reduction in full rank six gear. Fresh level 50’s would have a flat 20% damage reduction. Notwithstanding how massive that reduction is, the second change would also see a reduction in critical damage dealt to players. From 50% at rank 6 gear, to 33.7% with no gear at all. These changes were planned to help ease in new PvP players, as well as to reduce the chances of being one-shotted at full health by an enemy’s crit hit.

Sounds good on paper to help make matches last longer and have players survive longer.
However, the current climate in Rift’s PvP has already been significantly slanted towards two role types – extremely high survivability and glass cannon high-crit burst DPS to counter it. Since heals skills continue to heal for the same amount no matter what gear a player wears, high survivability classes such as tanks and cleric wardens have a net gain in heals with better Valor gear. The planned changes therefore were seen as a massive buff, especially to wardens who utilize multiple heal-over-time spells to become near-godlike while keeping an entire team alive.

Additionally, the increased reduction in crit damage meant that highly crit-reliant classes such as assassins were heavily nerfed. Other classes that also shine spectacularly for five seconds of insane damage followed by wet noodle hits cried foul. As it stands, assassins cannot kill a warden caught out in the open before the warden simply heals back to full.

Trion didn’t seem to believe its players, and thus organized a three day large scale stress test to examine its changes. It lasted for only one day. In just three hours of testing, the test showed them exactly what they had been told all along – that the upcoming changes would turn PvP into a 20-minute smackfest. Player deaths were reduced to such an extent that kills were nearly non-existent except under extreme focus-fire or due to the battleground’s mechanics. And wardens, with their heals, had become as gods unto Telara.

It is surprising, then, that the developers were able to admit openly that they were wrong with their gambit and scrapped their intended changes almost immediately after the test.

There is now currently planned to be only minor changes to PvP for 1.3 – premade teams will generally square off against other premades first, while both side’s daily PvP quest will be synchronized so players are queuing for the same battle.

The rollback, however, continues to keep the current issues seen in PvP and is a classic “chicken and egg” conundrum. How does Trion intend to balance or revamp a system which is reliant on instant-heals and high-crit damage without significantly buffing or nerfing one side? One way that seems likely is to create two separate ways abilities work – one against PvE content and another in PvP, much like Everquest 2 currently does. And indeed,  pyromancers are slated to be one of the first being given that test in 1.3.

In my opinion, this is perhaps the smartest way to do things. While it involves more coding for developers, it allows Trion to tweak skills in either PvE or PvP without significantly affecting the other. WoW continues to rely on using the same system for both, and this has resulted in players rolling whatever is the current favorite-of-the-month class, such as frost mages back when Cataclysm launched. It will be interesting to see how this works out, and whether such a rethink will work its way into other classes in further patches.


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  1. I think there was much rejoicing when Rift first launched that they would keep PVP and PVE separate. YET, the first patch immediately changed that, and PVE was affected by PVP changes.

    I hope Trion finally takes that cue, and will keep PVP a continued separate system. Nothing like being in the middle of PVE and learning the first tier, then SMACK…you need to relearn your class.

    Cheers, and great post!

  2. Zero. Clue. About. PvP. Because. PvP. Is. Hard.


    Rift would honestly be far more enjoyable if all effort was put into PvE, and nothing was tweaked or balanced in regard to PvP. The PvP is garbage even by themepark standards. Just admit it, scrap the whole debacle, and focus on what you SHOULD be good at; world PvE content with a side of instanced faceroll.

    It’s WAR all over again, only with the PvP/PvE focus flipped.

    1. I think the devs spend plenty enough time on PvE – In just three updates we’ve had/will have three major events, as well as prelude events.

      That said, their PvE could stand to do with a little work. Judging from how Hammerknell (The upcoming 1.3 world event) will be played out, it doesn’t look like much was learned from the previous world event’s disaster of squeezing everything into three hours of gameplay…

      PvP on the other hand is and always has been a kind of “different ball game”. EQ2 had the luck of introducing pure PVP servers for a good while and using that as a testbed area to tweak skills before battlegrounds came into the picture for all shards, which is why it generally works there. Other MMO’s on the other hand seem to build it in as they go along, which has resulted in various disasters such as WAR, UO (Ahh the days of seeing red player names) et al.

      To really “balance” something like this, with 32 different souls and near-limitless ways to combine them, the only real answer I see is to keep the systems separate – which looks like it’s about to be tested out on on the one-shot king Pyromancer soul.

      They also tested it out with Riftstalkers and a few other classes, which had found a novel way to complete objectives in PvP utilizing skills such as [Defer Death] (all damage deferred for 10 seconds) to immune-cap flags or steal enemy flags. It seems to work great, even if it does play against the idea of utilizing your souls in novel manners.

      1. I agree with SynCaine. Why Rift even has PvP servers is a mystery.

        That said, if they have sufficient Dev time to burn, then yes, the way to deal with the issue is to develop PvE and PvP entirely separately. Since they don’t have infinite resources, however, I’d prefer they worked on expanding the actual main part of the game – y’know, Rifts.

  3. I am currently working on Rank 6 and have seen my share of warfronts. You clearly outlined one major issue: healing scales too well with Valor. This favors self healing classes to such a degree it’s a joke sometimes. Rift: Clerics of Telera indeed.

    Other issues:
    PUG’s pitted against pre-mades (fixed)
    Defensive Bunny Hopping bug: cuts out melee’s auto-attack damage and occasionally melee abilities when attacking a target leaping around..
    Melee’s inherent disadvantages aren’t balanced vs Ranged Souls.

  4. Looks like the great god Gersh is starting to take some heat. They forced him to test his idiocy first…

    Then he was forced to back off from his idiocy.

    If they fire that stupid piece of *bleep* I might resubscribe to Rift. Till then, I have no desire to waste my time. Maybe when they raise the level cap…

  5. Try to ask as many questions about PvP (and weasle your way into as many answers) as they’ll let you! Here’s to hoping you’ll get to play as much as possible.


  6. why cant a game have well designed, though out, developed and implemented pve AND pvp
    its always one or the other

    oh well here is hoping that gw2 doesn’t disappoint

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