The Truth About ArenaNet

I am extremely gracious for being invited to ArenaNet’s Community Open House. It was an amazing experience that I plan to share with everybody through a series of posts.* There will be one on our tour of the office, one on my demo play especially discussing underwater combat and dungeons (possibly split in to two), one on Guild Wars Winds of Change, and perhaps one on developer tidbits (although depending on length that might be included in the other posts).

There is a shocking truth though that I had to share. It’s actually not anything new, but I had to re-emphasize it. ArenaNet tries to share everything they can when it’s finished. They really are not keeping things under wraps for some nefarious reason. Now sure they want to release big items in a manner where it will have great effect, but from all appearances they want to share as soon as they can.

This truth was not more realized than when I saw the character animators working on simple asura animations. One dev was working on asura greatsword animations, and another was working on swimming animations. These are fairly base level animations that would be instantly missed. We haven’t had asura week yet, and when we do I am pretty sure that means that ArenaNet has got the race to a comfortable level of development.

If eager fans can keep this in mind, I think things like “release dates,” “progress,” and what not will be much easier to derive. It’s very hard to keep patient for such an amazing game, but I saw firsthand that the devs are really putting all their energy in to getting it finished. And most importantly, finishing it right. They have a strong vision, and they want it polished to a blinding gleam.


*I unfortunately am in the middle of closing on a house and moving half-way across the country. I will do my best to get these posts out sooner, rather than later.

16 thoughts on “The Truth About ArenaNet”

  1. So if the Mesmer is not published, that means that it’s not finished?
    Oh we have to be very patient ><

  2. That’s a lot of articles!
    I look forward to reading them all. ^_^

  3. To paraphrase; Anet is working hard to create the best possible gaming experience they can… it’s going to take a little time for them to do this… please try to stay patient and understanding of the process…

    Truer words were never spoken.

    p.s. Good luck on the move Ravious… hope all goes as smoothly as possible.

  4. Thanks for the update Ravious.

    I am eagerly awaiting your next posts but I understand completely that you have no obligation to rush them out and are in the process of moving. So for that, I can wait for your posts, as they will be amazing. Thanks again!

  5. Excellent point, my good sir! I really hope that the transparency they showed during the event will really drive this point home for people.

    Also, it was beyond excellent meeting you brosef! Good luck with the move.

  6. Unfortunately, whilst the cake is so lovely when it’s finished, some of us are just as happy licking the batter from the bowl.

    1. and likewise, the extra deliciousness from the batter comes from the fact that you know there’s a delicious cake waiting for you.

  7. I for one vicariously enjoyed ArenaNet’s openness and sharing with those of you who went to the Community Open House. I was just following along on Twitter, but I still thought it was great to see both you and the devs so excited to be sharing the work in progress.

    ANet’s enthusiasm is something I really love. Even if they don’t achieve half of what they want to with GW2, I love, love, love them for TRYING to do something new and exciting!

  8. I wish somebody would tell the idiots on gw2 and arenanets fb pages this info as they are really annoying sometimes with there constant”losing interest in gw2 coz you wont release it” and other impatient bitchy comments.

    Ive basically fixed this time next year as the most logical minimum release date for the game and wouldnt be at all surprised if it slipped fiurther into the year…perfection takes time afterall.

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