[Prime] Skills and Beginnings

Prime: Battle for Dominus is the MMO that just appeared, and it’s targeted to launch this year. In a genre where it feels like we wait for a good part of a decade for an MMO, it’s pretty refreshing to hear about a new MMO so close to launch. What is Prime? A 3-faction, sci-fi PvP-based MMO made by plenty of people that have made other MMOs. Check out their very concise, BS-free FAQ.

Today we learn about Prime’s skill system. Each class (six for each faction) starts with 5 skills, and as they level this maxes out to 15 skills. Seem pretty light in the MMO age where we need 5 skillbars each with 10-15 slots maxed out.  Except that each skill can be grown by allocating skill points. As skill points are allocated it seems that the skill itself will change in functionality, at least to the degree of effecting more people. Reallocating points is going to be an easy thing to do because Pitchblack Games, developers of Prime, want people to feel free to experiment.

I think this system sound pretty good. It’s like Guild Wars without a million-billion skills or like Rift without having to painfully construct and synergize three skill trees. I am all for simplicity with customization. I know traits in other MMOs do nearly the same thing, but it’s nice to think “I want to use these skills for my build, let’s pump them up.” I am hoping they steal Guild Wars and Rift‘s build-saving features though.

I must say that Prime has caught my attention because it appears so focused and agile, possibly even a KTR-vernacularized Chipotle MMO. I’ll definitely be on the lookout for more news on this one.


3 thoughts on “[Prime] Skills and Beginnings”

  1. Another MMO to add to my long lost of tries. Although I have yet to find one this year I thoroughly enjoyed. Hoping there is another to hold me off until Guild Wars 2, and maybe it is this one.

  2. What a shame it’s SF. And such uninteresting-looking SF at that. The three races look visually almost identical from the minimal illustrations available. Same height, same bipedal form, same featureless armored carapaces.

    The three factions gameplay sounds good, though. I see why they headhunted Sanya Weathers now. I’ll keep an eye on this, but there’s really so much else on the horizon that’s so much more intriguing I can’t see it getting a look-in, especially as a subscription title.

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