Back in the Bucketseat

Sorry I’ve been quiet the past week or so. I just moved to the land of toasted ravioli, provel cheese, horrible wine, Brazilian beer*, and Cardinals baseball. Thankfully, Zubon held down the fort more than aptly. I feel that except for my eyeballs on Guild Wars 2 at the conventions, the remainder of this summer is going to be light on the MMO front. In other PC gaming fronts, I am really looking forward to From Dust, Rock of Ages, and Trackmania 2. All three games are well below the normalized $50-60 price point we seem to be faced with for so many “quality” games, and I am going to push all three hard over at Tap Repeatedly.

Hopefully some time next week, I will have digested my immense reader backlog as well as all the Guild Wars 2 news that has emerged. In the mean time feel free to share below what your summer gaming plans are below, and remember… Brazilian beer, like tequila, never does anybody any good.


*Praise all deities that Shiner, Texas has infiltrated this beer market.

8 thoughts on “Back in the Bucketseat”

    1. Yeah, I forgot about them. Grew used to Shiner Bock and Yuengling on the East Coast because Schlafly didn’t make it out there.

  1. Shiner Bock is surprisingly wide spread. It is available on the shelf at Safeway here in Silicon Valley. I started drinking it back when I was working with a bunch of UT grads who swore by the stuff.

    1. When I was in undergrad (in MO) a friend of mine drove from Shiner with a case of the freshest beer you can imagine… I’ve been hooked ever since.

  2. You should all try Coopers Pale Ale from Adelaide, South Australia! Playing a bit of LoL and maybe getting into Starcraft 2.

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