$150? Are You Nuts?

Bullet Points made me do it.

Star Wars The Old Republic has priced their collector’s edition at $150. I just do not see the value here. Perhaps because the figurine/statue thing is not something I give a rat’s ass about. I’m still not even sure I want to play this game and this is coming from someone that buys and plays every mainstream MMO. Heck I even have the Age of Conan collector’s edition somewhere around here. With that said, I would have probably foolishly purchased the SWTOR-CE at a price point of $79.95 based on my past history. I really like soundtracks and art books (Guild Wars gets me every time). Thank you Bioware for putting more money into my motorcycle parts fund.

I guess I finally have reached a point where I can see through the hype a little bit and have no problem waiting for a chance to actually try before I buy. However if this was Guild Wars 2 I’d be frothing at the mouth to throw money at them and I barely ever play Guild Wars 1. They know how to turn me into a customer.

I really don’t have anything else to say other than this: If you bought the CE, enjoy it! If you didn’t, enjoy your money!

– Ethic

Note to self: Use bullet points next time.

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32 thoughts on “$150? Are You Nuts?”

  1. Wow, Grandpa got up out of his chair to post! :)

    Why $150? Know how much Star Wars fans have paid for all the different versions of the movies over the years? Yeah, $150 is a drop in the bucket for anyone hard-core about the game.

    Personally, I’m with ya. Amazon was having a 75% off sale on RIFT the other day, and I passed on the physical box with extra goodies even at that price.

    But, I suspect you’ll be able to pick up some boxes after launch on sale. Or, there might be a “premium” edition that hits that ~$80 sweet spot. But, this is great way for them to get some coverage… :)

    1. Luckily for EA Bioware, there are plenty of nutso Star Wars fans out there with deep pockets. I believe Origin sold out their limited CEs within the first 24 hours.

      1. Oh I’m sure they really ‘sold out’ on something that has a stupidly high margin. Just like I’m sure they have absolutely no way of getting more of those CE to the store if they wanted. Come on now :)

        1. True enough, but the strategy will probably work for them. There will be even more people clamouring for the next batch of CEs they release to market. People might finally catch on by the third batch! :P

          Just an update: I heard all the online retailers have ‘sold out’ of CE preorders but you can still find them at some of the brick and mortar shops.

  2. You. You rock. Although I’m not a huge fan of SWTOR, I am a huge fan of Guild Wars… even though, like you, I’ve barely played GW1. If the CE of GW2 was $150, it’d give me pause, and I might still consider getting it. SWTOR? I can easily pass.

  3. Meh, its a collector’s edition. I’m all for fans being allowed to splurge to support a developer. However, if that splurge is at the cost of giving CE buyers in-game advantages over others, then there is a storm a brewing.

  4. I’m with you. I often buy the CEs for new MMOs but they’re usually 2-3x the price not 5x. I can easily afford it but the blatant money grab just galls me. The “supplies limited” and “you get into the headstart in the same order you pre-ordered” adds to the offense. Damn EA.

  5. Polynices, 5x the price? I thought the regular edition of SW:TOR was $60? So the CE is only 2.5x the price?

  6. I’ll just wait until it’s on sale. That’s assuming EA eventually comes to their senses and puts it on Steam, or at least Impulse.

  7. Who knows, Starwars memorabilia usually appreciates, maybe one day that collectors edition might be worth two or three times the retail price in about thirty years. lol!

  8. Ill say the same thing I said to Tasha Darke and Hunter when they were discussing the whole preorder sign-up debacle: “Thaaaaaaaat’s EA” *jazz hands*

  9. Disgusting. I won’t pay 150$ for a CE, just like I won’t pay 150$ to watch a live concert. my willingness to enable the commerce has its limits; and imo it’s very poor to milk your fans like that.

  10. To think I was ready to pay any mony to play SWTOR several months ago. And they lost all my attention with gampelays. Me – hardcore Star Wars fan – and I think the game lost it before realese. Heck – I’m not even plan to buy it! Well – I can polish my GW1 account for this time (and money), waiting for GW2 ^^

  11. I pretty much always buy the cheapest edition of a new MMO that’s offered. I just want to play the game and I consider the “base” version to be the “real” version, so any additional free items like mounts, extra bag space etc actually detract from my “pure” experience.

    I prefer a physical box to a digital download, and a paper manual to a PDF. I like to go to town, buy the box in a shop and read the manual on the bus coming home before I install the game. Even better if the first couple of stores I go to don’t have it and I have a little difficulty tracking it down. That’s the ur-experience of getting a new MMO and I would pay a slight premium for that.

    Unfortunately, what with the trend to digital downloads, the dominance of online retailing, the closure of most high street games outlets and the disinterest of most gaming companies in distributing retail boxes outside of their home market, I think about the last time I was able to have this actual, satisfying experience was when EQ2 launched in 2004.

    As for paying $150 for a video game, that’s just nuts. Clear and evident exploitation of a market for which the game’s producer, or at least the marketing division thereof, has no respect whatsoever. Doesn’t affect me directly, of course, since like Epic I’m not really interested in playing SW:ToR in the first place.

  12. The real genious at play here is that offering a CE for $150 seems to make people think paying $80 for the digital download + some in-game crap is a bargain …

    1. Pretty much exactly.

      My whole guild is leaving the game we play to go to SWTOR. I of course would MUCH rather we go to GW2, but we have a lot of SW nerds.

      I saw they were charging $80 for the digital download, and my iffy maybe-I’ll-play stance spun firmly into the no-way-in-hell stance.

      A digital copy! $80! And only available from their store? Seriously?

      Screw that. When that game bombs like everything I’ve seen makes me think it will, if my guild is still playing I’ll pick up a used copy on Ebay :P I’m sure there’ll be plenty.

  13. The sales people are getting better and better.

    They noticed that the most dedicated fans will always buy the CE. And decided to milk them even more. This CE is aimed at people that will buy it no matter the price.
    And as Naqaj already pointed out, it makes people think the overly high price of the Digital Deluxe download is then “justified” in comparison… sigh.

    The standard edition is in the usual “boxed game” price range. It will for sure be available for a fraction of the price soon.

  14. Do you guys, who think the CE price is somehow an insult, feel the same about cars which costs thousands more, clothes which are more expensive and so on?

    1. The issue is perception of value versus traditional market price.

      Would you pay 50K for a Tercel if it was painted green and had a new hood ornament? Do you think people who pay 500$ for a shirt with a nifty logo are making rational decisions?

      Will people buy either of those regardless? Of course. I’m off to paint a tercel right now to sell it to them.

  15. Will I be paying $150 for it? No. Is it The End Of The World? Not really – compare to the Wrath of the Lich King CE, which retailed for about the same price but came with rather less stuff (no statue, for the die-hard (die-cast?) collector).

    Let’s face it, this isn’t about the price, or the contents, it’s about the company and the game – if ANet announced a GW2 CE for $150 with an equivalent package (“collectible” Gwen figurine or some such) a lot of the people calling Doom’n’Gloom(tm) would be queuing up to get their Visa cards out to buy it…

    1. … and a lot of other people would rightfully ridicule them.

      The WotLK CE was nowhere close to same price, and I’d argue it was still overpriced.

      As I said, the CE price was designed to cash in on the superfans and make the silly price for the “deluxe” edition more palatable. If you browse though the various discussions, you’ll find their strategy is working perfectly.

  16. Thank god! Someone with some sense. Half the MMO blogosphere has already purchased with without a second thought!


  17. The boxed copy of Auto Assault stays on my shelf to remind me of the silliness of expensive pre-orders, lifetime subs, and putting too much money on an ideal instead of proof of hands on time with a released product.

    Although Star Wars memorabilia from a failed product might actually be worth more then if it were a runaway success : p

  18. Two of my core guild mates balked even at the regular version price. They feel burned out of expensive subscription MMO box purchases after purchasing Warhammer, AoC, and Rift at their launches. I think EA’s treatment of WAR contributed to their decision.

    Of course they told me this after I bought the digital deluxe edition. Now I’m regretting that purchase. I wonder if other guilds are experiencing similar hesitancy to dive into SWTOR.

  19. Just go to Switzerland and buy it for $291 if you want to feel the pain. ;)

  20. Woo hoo! It worked!

    On topic, I do agree with you. $150 is crazy. But then, I’m not their audience. And I think EA/Bioware do know their audience.

  21. I’ve rather lost interest in SWTOR for now. As the main gameplay I was interested in was soloing through the Choose My Own Adventure parts I’ll give it a couple of years. Hopefully it will be free to play by then.

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