[GW2] Community Questions on Necromancers

There’s a secret to great underdog journalism (i.e., blogging): ask community questions. It’s such a simple idea, but it comes with a flipside: don’t ask wide-audience questions. I have been following news on Trackmania 2, and one of the devs expounds on this idea quite handedly in a fan interview (about the 3:40 mark). He even calls answers to wide-audience questions “ammo,” much like ArenaNet’s Chris Lye analogized here.

The difference between the two is a matter of expertise. Wide-audience questions require no expertise. “When is the release date?” is the most prevalent for Guild Wars 2. Community questions require some knowledge of things, and Sardu’s interview with ArenaNet’s Colin Johanson at the San Diego Comic Con is chock full of them. The answers are fantastic because Johanson can answer them without wasting “wide-audience ammo.”

Then readers get passionate answers just brimming with excitement, like this:

So the real front lines guy, in my mind, is Axe and Warhorn. This is the true melee, holding down the front as a necromancer. You can do it with just about any of the weapon sets to be honest, but you get up there and get your bone minions rolling and your flesh wurm helping to hold the front line.

Then you’ve got your Wail of Doom and this just bleeds, dazes, poisons and weakens everybody around you. And then you’ve got Locust Swarm, and everybody around you, you’re stealing life from them also. Then you’ve got Unholy Feast that cripples and damages everybody around you.

So you run in and you pop your Unholy Feast and everybody is crippled and they’re not getting away from you, and then you can use the other two skills and just start draining life like crazy on everyone around you, and your minions are right in there tearing them apart.

All of the sudden you’re right up there on the front line. Then you go into Death Shroud and do Life Transfer and start stealing life from everybody around you again.

So it makes you a brutal front line character.

I really want to tip my hat at Sardu. The whole interview, even if necromancer geared, is just great, and can get even the most informative fans excited. Sardu’s whole experience with ArenaNet is well worth the read so check out the other articles at NecroBator.

In August it appears we will get to know a little more about the sylvari, which have been revised. Will they be more alien? More elf? More fae? More animal? How about less humanoid, more plant? It should be interesting to see. More than anything I am interested to see if the “sylvari stock” rises much like the norn interest did after norn week.


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  1. I’ve only recently discovered the NecroBater site but, I’m loving it, and I think the job they are doing over there creating a class specific fan-site for the GW2 Necros is absolutely awesome.

    With Sylvari Necro being among the very first characters I have planned to create I can tell you that the description you quoted has got me even further jazzed up for that class.

    The dichotomy of being one who feeds on light and life – yet fully embraces the dark and death is completely compelling to me.

  2. The necro is one of those classes (in both games) which seems to inspire it’s players to really get into the class. You don’t meet a lot of die-hard paragons, but along with the Mesmer-players, the necros are the most dedicated (at least in my experience).

    You’re right about interview style. People think interviewing is just about asking questions and waiting for the person to answer; but it’s a real art. I’ve done a tonne of them for my job and I can tell you, if you have bad questions, you’re gonna get worse answers.

  3. Did anyone else see Guild Wars: Sea of Sorrows. Amazon shows:

    Mass Market Paperback: 352 pages
    Publisher: Pocket Star (March 27, 2012)
    Language: English
    ISBN-10: 1416589627
    ISBN-13: 978-1416589624

    Listed author is Ree Soesbee. Available for pre-order.

    1. Ooooh! *research* Thanks for the tip :D I would guess that the GW2 release date can probably be expected to be after they’ve done their three novels, too… but I could be wrong.

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