Improving Their Respectability

respectable ads
If I told you that a browser-based “strategy” game was advertising itself with ad banners reading, “One Click for a Roman Orgy! Click Now!” could you guess the game? I cropped the name out of the picture, to avoid giving them that bit of free advertising, but… wow. The big surprise, really, is that they are still in business.

: Zubon

Advertise discreetly, my lord.

10 thoughts on “Improving Their Respectability”

  1. *Sigh*

    It’s Caesary.

    I’m almost ashamed I remember it. The only reason I do is because when I first saw the name I thought, “Wow, a new Eurogame I haven’t heard of?” Then I saw the rest of the banner ad.

  2. Who actually goes for this type of advertising? I imagine the type of person who wants what they’re talking about should be pissed and leave when they follow the link. Maybe they get alot of wtf? clicks

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