DLC Is the New Expansion Pack

Between sales, the price of Civilization V on Steam is $49.99. The total cost for “All Downloadable Content For This Game” is $49.39.

When DDO came out, I wondered why it was not using a module pricing strategy: base game cheap/free, sell the dungeons individually. You could even have a store for player-made, developer-checked dungeons for which players get a cut. Of course, selling the packs piecemeal encourages power creep by the question of whether this pack is worth the $5. Is the Mausoleum of Halicarnassus awesome enough to spend extra money on it? The same power creep/worth it question arises every time Team Fortress 2 puts a new weapon in the store, but at least there you face a near-certainty of getting the weapon as a drop (or crafting it) fairly soon.

: Zubon

3 thoughts on “DLC Is the New Expansion Pack”

  1. Civ V DLC is pretty atrocious as one-offs IMO.

    Two years from now though, it will make for one hell of a ‘catch em all’ Steam sale item.

    1. That is what I’m waiting on. “I could pay $5 for one civilization and one scenario, or they will be selling all of this for $10-15 in late December.” I paid $17 for the game, so I am unlikely to pay $5 to add Korea to the game, especially with so many player-made civilizations available free.

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