9 thoughts on “More DLC as Something-Something”

  1. What does Borderlands offer that Team Fortress 2 doesn’t already offer for free?

    That’s not a rhetorical question. I’m genuinely hoping for an intelligent answer.

    1. It’s a lot closer to Diablo in terms of overall gameplay than it is to TF2. You kill things to see what random loot they will drop, to level up, and earn points to fill out skill trees. It just happens to be a FPS.

      The two games aren’t really comparable. A better “free versus not free” comparison would actually be to various FtP MMOs, and even that’s a stretch with most of them.

      1. Good to know! I must have had Borderlands confused with a straight FPS game.

  2. I like Borderlands a lot at first but it gets very repetitive in the “progress quest” sense. My interest in the game ran out long before I got to any DLC.

    The co-op mode was very promising though but it was hampered by flaky netcode when the game was originally released. That may well have been sorted out by now.

  3. Picked up the 4 pack with some buddies, 4 player co-op has been really fun so far, but we ONLY play when all four of us are on. I could see that being pretty tough for most people.

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