Tech and Talent Trees

One sort of “RPG elements” that never felt like a grind was the StarCraft 2 armory. This gave a real sense of progress in that you upgraded a building and it stayed upgraded. Contrarily, you still needed to go through upgrading your vehicles every mission at the armory building. I get that the campaign armory and research were effectively talent trees, but it felt like there really was some continuity and meaningful advancement as a part of the campaign, rather than just starting over with a Command Center and a few SCVs every time. Because sometimes you get tired of learning Bronze Working every game of Civ.

I thought Age of Empires Online was doing that, but it turns out that you are unlocking the ability to train Wheelbarrows every time you play rather than simply learning Wheelbarrows. There are some permanent upgrades down at the bottom of the tech tree.

: Zubon

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  1. I agree that it can be nice when lore continuity translates into gameplay continuity in an observable and impactful fashion. GW2 looks to be all over this with their 250 year advancement and the resulting changes in classes and technology, but from the ‘not researching bronzeworking’ point of view in 4X games, it was nice to see that, in Sword of the Stars 2, we won’t be starting out with fission era destroyers any longer, but with cruisers, fusion technology, and a double handful of other starting technologies from the previous game. Not to mention a whole bevy of other lore-related changes as the game advanced a century into the future of its game universe.

  2. You can actually start in different ages in Civ. I never do it as I think the early game is perhaps the best part, but it’s an option.

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