Born too Slow (or Bound too Long)

A post over at Hardcore Casual resonated with me. In it Syncaine writes in the title “This is what happens when the MMO genre sucks and I have ‘nothing to play’. The rest are his thoughts on otherwise passing the time. Except for Guild Wars 2 news, I know I’ve been a little quieter. My style is more about writing what I play, see, and experience. When I played Rift, I wrote about Rift. I have not wrote a Rift post in awhile, ergo…

I have been playing PC games though. I fell in love with the bargain priced Magic the Gathering’s Duels of the Planeswalkers 2012. I have the usual smattering of first-person shooters headed by Team Fortress 2. I am still not sure why I bought Serious Sam (again), but it brought back memories. Then Trackmania² Canyon. I’ve been playing that enough to warrant a brand new blog. It’s community is so online based that it feels similar to an MMO community, and there are developer updates, mods, and tournaments that keep things rather fresh.

For MMOs though, it’s taking me more and more “activation energy” to care. It’s partly Guild War 2’s fault. It’s impossible for me not to see dire flaws in the old school MMOs by comparison. I have tons of friends playing Lord of the Rings Online, but hours of being tentacle whipped by The Watcher did that game in for me. The upcoming  Stars Wars MMO and The Secret World seem pretty neat. I like what Prime is doing, but like EVE, it’s just not my cup of tea. I am also just not in the mood to pay for the privilege of paying them some more when I already have tons on my plate. So, for the most part until Guild Wars 2 beta comes my way (nudge nudge), I guess I am still on MMO vacation that occurred during my half-cross country move. I hope this does not offend.

That being said, there are still things of interest to me in the MMO world.  I am actually really excited about this system/game for reasons I will disclose later. I feel that Autumn will bring with it a new freshness and perspective to my blogging. I am always looking to improve and change. The new Mania Blog is one outlet, but as always I am bound by soul to Kill Ten Rats. Constructive comments are always most welcome.

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9 thoughts on “Born too Slow (or Bound too Long)”

  1. I LOVE duels of the planeswalker, I am so bad at it and I love it so much. I also love that they give you a voucher for a free pack of magic cards if you want them.

  2. Certainly not Ravious, I feel the same way. Lotro was my main MMO for a long long time, but somehow im burned out of it. Other MMO’s i tried from that point, i had the feeling of “been there done that” or the “it just doesnt feel right”.

    All i can say im enjoying myself with FPS as RO2, BF3 soon, and maybe a few RTS. And GW2 if that’s ever gonna launch soon.

    1. Agree with Trippin (and Ravious) 100%… maybe favoring the RTS and single-player RPGS a bit more but otherwise dead on for me.

      It is a little scary to have all eggs in just one GW2 basket but, I don’t see a clear alternative. GW2 is at least “talking” about what I want to hear… the other MMOs simply aren’t.

  3. I almost feel that if GW2 is not gods-gift, the MMO blog space is going to be pretty quiet (especially because almost everyone I read has accepted that SW is going to be a one-month-and-done type of deal, with nothing to really write home about in that one month).

    I wonder if that’s going to backfire. What if GW2 is just ‘good enough’? Are people going to be happy to have something decent to play, or too upset by the fact that it did not solve all MMO design problems to just enjoy what’s there?

    1. For me, though, MMOs seem more tiring than fun. So if GW2 is more fun than tiring, I suspect a win (even if not gods-gift).

      I don’t think it will solve every MMO design problem. I’ll say that right now. People that do think that are just setting themselves up for disappointment. What I do believe is that many tiring mechanics that seem to invisible (or not) get in the way of fun will not be found.

  4. MTG 2012 is a great game. I’d love it if they included a draft engine in the next iteration, but for now, it’s scratching that MTG itch very nicely. They are doing a big related event this Saturday, too, at local card shops. Some weird sort of “open pack, play with it, winners get more” thing.

    As to the topic at hand, I’m always playing a bunch of games at any one time. Presently, that’s Safecracker, Puzzle Agent, Animal Crossing Wild World, Dragon Quest V, FFXII, MTG 2012 and a few others here and there. I don’t mind the MMO malaise, since there are so many other good games out there.

  5. All this MMO ennui just doesn’t resonate with me. I’ve been playing these things almost as long as Syncaine and Mrs Bhagpuss has just recently banned me from complaining that the one thing wrong with modern MMOs is that they keep making more and more that I really want to play but they never add any new hours to my week.

    I spent all this weekend and all my non-working hours playing EQ2, a game I betaed and have played for large chunks of my time ever since. While I was playing it I was logged into Rift and the only reason I eventually stopped tabbing between the two was the ominous creaking noise my PC started to make.

    While I’m playing those two I’m constantly aware I’m NOT playing Ryzom, Eden Eternal, A Mystic Land, Dragon Nest or FFXIV, all of which I have been playing and enjoying recently. I’m also very conscious that I haven’t fulfilled my plans to go back to LotRO and give that another go, or to get my EQ Progression server necro moving again.

    There are another half-dozen MMOs on my various drives that I’m not done with yet, and waiting in the wings are the free versions of Fallen Earth, a game I really like, STO, a game I want to take a look at and who knows how many more I can’t remember off the top of my head.

    Then there’s the EQ2 expansion in November, about which I am absolutely stoked. The main problem with GW2 coming out next year is going to be finding the time to play the damn thing!

  6. Empathy incoming – I’ve been spending more time lately in single-player games, including Crytek 2, Deus Ex, and Shogun: Total War 2, than I am in MMOs. Post-Rift, there really hasn’t been anything drawing my attention, even though I tried to give a couple of F2P titles a shot (LOTRO, DDO, etc.)

    @Syncaine – I wouldn’t be too chagrined. Besides GW2, there are a ton of options that are lurking on the radar. Prime:BFD is really mentioned in blogs these days, with the exception of a few sites, and then there’s Firefall, Planetside 2, TERA, ArcheAge, and a few others that I can’t think of off the top of my head. And these are just the PvP MMOs on the horizon.

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