Appropriate Blame

In a recent survey of FPS players, 8 out of 10 deaths were caused by “lag,” “laaaaaag,” “high ping,” “damn hackers,” and “those idiots on my team.”

: Zubon

15 thoughts on “Appropriate Blame”

  1. Heh, so very, very true. If you’re talking about tf2 though, “source engine networking” is an extremely good reason for some deaths.

    Although, I don’t see ping and hackers used as excuses much in tf2, so maybe your sample is from….CoD?

  2. The recent LoL patch dropped my FPS to 10. Normally.

    In team fights, I just teleport around and then die before I even see my bar start going down.

    I blame myself. I need more lete skills.

  3. If we’re going to bring TF2 into it, let’s not forget that the other team plays nothing but the counter-class to whatever I am currently playing, with the counter-class obviously being any class other than the one I am currently playing.

  4. What about “I pressed the button, but it didn’t work”? Classic one during my Nintendo childhood, but it seems it has fallen behind a bit when it comes to excuses.

    1. In Global Agenda you’re (shatter bomb) team boost doesn’t seem to go off when activated the second before you die. I guess the server already knows you’re dead before your keypress registers. Very annoying, though.

  5. @Gazimoff: Damn, now people stared at me while I was chuckling for apparent reason!
    About the router though: if it’s wireless, it might still work if you place the dog close enough to your computer to offset the attenuation of the tissue that comes with an average dog.

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