Appropriate Blame

In a recent survey of FPS players, 8 out of 10 deaths were caused by “lag,” “laaaaaag,” “high ping,” “damn hackers,” and “those idiots on my team.”

: Zubon

15 thoughts on “Appropriate Blame”

  1. Heh, so very, very true. If you’re talking about tf2 though, “source engine networking” is an extremely good reason for some deaths.

    Although, I don’t see ping and hackers used as excuses much in tf2, so maybe your sample is from….CoD?

  2. The recent LoL patch dropped my FPS to 10. Normally.

    In team fights, I just teleport around and then die before I even see my bar start going down.

    I blame myself. I need more lete skills.

  3. If we’re going to bring TF2 into it, let’s not forget that the other team plays nothing but the counter-class to whatever I am currently playing, with the counter-class obviously being any class other than the one I am currently playing.

  4. What about “I pressed the button, but it didn’t work”? Classic one during my Nintendo childhood, but it seems it has fallen behind a bit when it comes to excuses.

    1. try Red Orchestra 2, it’s back, with improved “why did my gun not fire” comments :P

    2. In Global Agenda you’re (shatter bomb) team boost doesn’t seem to go off when activated the second before you die. I guess the server already knows you’re dead before your keypress registers. Very annoying, though.

  5. I’d like to go ahead and nominate myself to replace lag as an excuse, being the super awesome fps player that I am, it only seems right.

  6. @Gazimoff: Damn, now people stared at me while I was chuckling for apparent reason!
    About the router though: if it’s wireless, it might still work if you place the dog close enough to your computer to offset the attenuation of the tissue that comes with an average dog.

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