It Must Be Me

I’m apparently pretty bad at League of Legends, including the basic requirement of being able to field a 5-player team. I had 4 games in a row that went 4-on-5 for at least half the game. The funny thing is, in my entire time playing LoL, I can remember only a few times when the leaving player was on the other team. That is probably attentional or confirmation bias, and I know that randomness is scheduled to balance out over the course of 400 hours, but you lose the enthusiasm for those 400 hours after repeatedly losing due to perverse randomization in team composition.

I’m not suggesting that there is anything odd going on with a random number generator or anything like that. We should expect to see streaks in coin flips. And, given coin flips, there is no reason to expect the next series to be anything other than distributed according to binomial probability. But players can hit gambler’s ruin, get frustrated, and quit, which is a problem for the developers if this drives away paying customers. This is why many games have anti-frustration features like CoX’s streakbreaker that will force a hit after a sufficiently long string of misses.

No, I have no idea how to make that work (fairly) in a team PvP game where the problem is defecting teammates.

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  1. I do – more penalties on accounts that routinely go afk. For starters, any game in which you are flagged as afk could be followed with a 24-hr lockout. The next game, 48 hours, etc. It’s kind of a joke at the moment.

    1. Accounts that routinely go afk/leave are temp/perma banned. The problem is, when you have a low ELO (ranked or normal), you play in a huge pool of players, and the system simply can’t ban idiots fast enough (in terms of them hitting the leaver threshold).

      Getting better not only means you play better, but you play with better players that care more. The higher you go, the less likely you are going to run into someone that cares so little they will afk/leave. This basically applies to everything, not just gaming.

      1. I really wish people would stop using the word ban when they are talking about a temporary loss of access. There are plenty of other words to choose from (suspension or timeout for example) that don’t imply the permanence that ban does.

        It’s really annoying to see threads like “I went to the bathroom and I was BANNED!” and find out they had a 30 minute timeout from the game.

  2. What if, in addition to ELO, a “reliability rating” was tracked? People with high reliability would not get randomed with people who had low reliability unless no other games were possible. I don’t really know how feasible this is; it’s hard to say exactly what is going on with ELO under the covers, and who knows what the population distribution would look like if you compared it by ELO and then by reliability.

    It’s really frustrating. A dominion’s game is *probably* over if you 4v5 it for long. Funny story, in a 5 man premade our best player – a high ELO ranked player – had to AFK for awhile. Score was roughly 450 them 210 or so us when he returned. We won by 20. But you need excellent players and great coordination to do that, and you probably aren’t going to get both in a random.

    I went on a 5v5 solo queue losing streak that had afk/dcs frequently contributing to extending it. And it was always a situationally bad AFK. Like the jungler goes afk – meaning there is no immediate in game advantage (in fact, you are at a disadvantage). Or the solo top goes afk, so either the jungler or someone bot has to go there but now you’re at a disadvantage versus the other solo top (and less a jungler the enemy has a big advantage). It’s really frustrating.

  3. what they need to do is start allowing people to vote-kick AFKers & either give them a bot (or have AI take over that character), some sort of handicap buff, or allow single queued people to join an in-progress game.

  4. Every system has its flaws, and although most can be plugged by a competent team, some will always make it through to the final product. Nothing is ever perfect.

    That being said, this seems like one of those that should have had a simpler solution, like disallow defecting?

  5. Maybe it is you. Maybe these leavers have seen how bad you play and rage-quit in frustration. Just sayin’…

    There are always problems with random match ups. The smaller the team size, the worse the effect. I definitely prefer the 15v15 matchups in battlefield and world of tanks because its much more even at 14v15 or 13v14 than 4v5. Also the FPS format is more forgiving of being one man down because its faster paced and more twitchy with dying/respawning multiple times being an expectation.

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