Willat Effect

Seth Roberts is a ways from getting the term “Willat Effect” into psychological literature or even Wikipedia, but I mentioned it the last time he did, and more thoughts strike me.

Seth ponders, can you use this to improve your life? And if you are an MMO player, yes!. If becoming a connoisseur makes ripple no longer work but increase your enjoyment of the finer things, then MMOs are a great place to improve the extent to which you are a connoisseur. Despite recent business model innovations, they almost all use the same price structure, and the new models reduce the price even further. This is not like wine-tasting, where ruining your taste for Two Buck Chuck leaves you unable to enjoy anything under $20/bottle. These are MMOs, where the standard price is $15/hour, the price tends to go down as you consume large portions, and F2P is increasingly common. It is all cheap and almost all priced on a buffet model.

Go forth and become a more informed, refined consumer. You have nowhere to go but up.

: Zubon

4 thoughts on “Willat Effect”

  1. So many have that bland “trinity” after taste my palate has grown so bored of.

    Just waiting around for the first uncorking of GW2… I have it on very good account from others who have sampled it at a few select tasting venues recently that the bouquet is simply divine.

    1. I’m looking forward to it, too. I hear the dynamic events tickle your nose.

  2. Heh… funny you mention that. Just got a new 1TB HDD. So now not only do I have space for all the (mostly Steam) games I already have whenever I get to them buffet-style, I went ahead today and decided to install all the F2P games I could get my hands on. Space is no longer a concern so now only the time it takes to play them is the only cost to find out if they’re any good or not! ;-}

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