Psychonauts: Smoothed Difficulty Curve

Yahtzee comments that the first half of the game is easy training and the later levels are ridiculously difficult. Either the PC version differs or the new update made the later bit less insane. My only indication of how hard the game used to be is Googling videos of folks playing. Hmm, that last level included a lot more flying, flaming projectiles than my playthrough did. I can see how that would be really frustrating, when you must replay a section of the level for the 58th time because one hit knocked you off a trapeze or tightrope. If you had been staying away because of horror stories about the endgame, I’m here to tell you that it is difficult but reasonable, with the occasional exception of tomorrow’s topic.

Anyone have a notion or list of what all changed in the recent Psychonauts update?

: Zubon

2 thoughts on “Psychonauts: Smoothed Difficulty Curve”

  1. There was no official patchnote list, as I recall, but on the 30th of September there was a patch –

    Having played it both before and afterward, The only difference I noticed was that I died a bit less in the aforementioned Meat Circus. I did have pretty good memory of the level – particularly the escort section was easier because I knew how to not waste any time – but I suspect the section with the water rising changed as well, but I don’t know how much.

    There were definitely horror stories about the Meat Circus, though…I found it more rage-inducing than anything else.

  2. I haven’t played the patched version yet, but the Meat Circus broke me the last time I played.

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