The great joy in having an Apprentice has been the deadly striker tower. It is slow and single-target, but it has range and power. It gives you life-affirmingly huge numbers. After being annoyed by wyverns as a Squire, it is lovely to watch them drop from the sky.

But the range, the range is what makes this toy shine, along with its ability to shoot through walls. You hear it charge up, fire, and somewhere a pinata has exploded. I had heard my friend on his Apprentice laughing about it before, because they are nice on the ogre gate in The Summit, but playing Endless Spires was the first time I made heavy use of my own Apprentice. I set up deadly striker towers near the central crystals then watched them pick off enemies on the walkways around the spires. I hadn’t even been aiming for those. I cackled like a madman who had struck comedy gold. It’s a beautiful map for showing off what the towers can do: long, winding paths with wide open spaces. You get to watch the bolt of doom arc over the depths, striking some slow-moving orc in the face, and he collapses in a colorful cloud of mana.

: Zubon

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